‘There were bruises all over his body and he could not even stand straight’, alleged Murali’s friend.

Kerala BJP leader alleges police torture cops say he had a sword in his house
news Controversy Saturday, December 02, 2017 - 17:40

Murali Sanghmitra, Kunnamkulam BJP Municipal president, has alleged that he was beaten up by police officials after making false charges.

BJP officials and Murali’s friends alleged that police had falsely accused him of having a sword in his possession. He was taken to the police station at odd hours only to be brutally beaten up.

A close friend of Murali, who wished to keep his identity anonymous, told TNM, “Murali lives by himself in his house. His elder brother is his neighbor. The incident occurred sometime around last week. Murali was chatting with his friends a little away from his home at around 7 pm. That’s when the police came to his house. He was alerted by his elder brother. He rushed to his house on hearing the news. Since he was with his friends, they accompanied him”, says Murali’s friend.

“The police accused Murali of keeping in possession a sword. He was immediately arrested and taken into custody. His friends followed the police jeep as well. On reaching the police station Murali was taken to the second floor”, he added.

Murali’s friend alleged that Murali was brought back after almost an hour and he was in a bad shape. “There were bruises all over his body and he could not even stand straight. He was immediately taken to the general hospital. We later found out that second floor did not have CCTVs installed.”

Meanwhile police officials denied all the allegations and had a different version of the story to tell.

Speaking to TNM, Kunnamkulam CI Santosh said that, “These are false allegations. Murali was arrested as we found a sword in his house. A little while after he was brought into the police station, he complained of uneasiness. We thought he needed medical assistance and he was taken to the hospital without any delay. Murali has had health issues concerning his spleen.”

The officer added, “Such allegations are always raised by BJP workers when caught for unlawful activities. Murali has been remanded now.”

Another BJP official alleged that Kunnamkulam police officials had cornered and brutally assaulted Murali.

“Murali was beaten by a gang of over 6 people. One of them twisted his hand and held it up in the air. His other hand was left hanging and clipped on to a holder. They repeatedly stamped him. Murali also told us that the police had wrapped a hard substance in a towel and hit him”, said the official.

The BJP Kunnamkulam Mandalam President Rajesh spoke to TNM saying that Kunnamkulam police officials have always ruffled weathers with BJP workers in the region.

Rajesh said, “The police officials here has always taunted BJP workers. They never lose a chance to lock horns with us. We have filed a case regarding this and we will take this up seriously and fight till the police officials who will be found guilty in the case are suspended.”

Murali is now under judicial remand and under treatment in a private hospital in Kunnamkulam.








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