Jaleel Khan claimed in an interview that he pursued a degree in Commerce because he was interested in Physics and Math.

Keep calm and do BCom if you love Physics Lessons from an Andhra MLAA screenshot from the interview
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Inter-disciplinary courses are all the rage these days. But the TDP MLA from Vijayawada West constituency, Jaleel Khan, may have gone a step too far, when he claimed that he studied Physics as part of the course for his BCom degree.

In a video that has surfaced on the internet, which seems to be an excerpt from a larger interview that the MLA did with iDream News, starts with the interviewer Nagaraj, asking the legislator what he studied during graduation.

"BCom," comes the prompt reply, following which Nagaraj asks him if he was passionate towards commerce, or if he had any aspirations to become a chartered accountant.

"Nothing like that. I was interested in Maths. I was interested in Physics. So, I took it," he says.

Nagaraj then points out that there is no Physics in the course to which Jaleel says, "It’s there. It’s there. Why won't Physics be there in BCom? Commerce means accounts only no?" (sic).

To Jaleel's bad luck, the interviewer then reveals that he was a BCom student himself, before listing out all the subjects that are properly part of the course.

Jaleel responds saying, "That only is accounts... Maths means accounts only no... All that you mentioned now are correct, but even Physics will be there no?" 

The interviewer replies in the negative, following which the MLA says, "Oh! Maybe I forgot, but Maths is definitely there."

Driven to the wall, the legislator finally ends the matter by saying, "I used to get 100 marks in Maths since my childhood."  

Watch the video here.

We rest our case. 


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