Karnataka’s richest social worker? DK Shivakumar declares assets worth Rs 618 crore

He has also declared that his wife Usha has assets worth Rs 112 crore, and that his daughter Aisshwarya has assets worth Rs 108 crore.
Karnataka’s richest social worker? DK Shivakumar declares assets worth Rs 618 crore
Karnataka’s richest social worker? DK Shivakumar declares assets worth Rs 618 crore

Karnataka Energy Minister and Congress leader, DK Shivakumar filed his affidavit from the Kanakapura constituency in Ramanagara district on Thursday. While the minister declared that he is an educationist and social worker by profession, and that his wife is a housewife and a landlady, the two of them combined have declared assets worth Rs 730 crore.

While Shivakumar declared that he had Rs 618 crore worth assets, his wife, Usha, he said has assets worth Rs 112 crore. Compared to his declared assets of Rs 215 crore during the 2013 elections, Shivakumar’s assets have almost tripled. His wife, Usha, declared Rs 35 crore worth assets in 2013 – again, a tripling in her fortunes.

The minister also declared assets for his three children – Aabharana, Aakash and Aisshwarya. While Aabhaarana and Aakash do not have high value assets, Aisshwarya, he has declared, owns assets worth Rs 108 crore. In 2013, she had assets worth only Rs 1.09 crore. 

Shivakumar however clarified that Aisshwarya was not dependent on his income, and that he was still declaring her assets as per the Representation of People Act.  

For the 2016-17 fiscal, Shivakumar declared an income of Rs 87.54 lakh. Ahead of the 2013 election, he had declared an income of Rs 58.53 lakh (for the year 2011-12). His daughter, Aisshwarya had an income of Rs 12.59 lakh for 2016-17.

Shivakumar also claimed that he is not accused of any offense punishable with two or more years of imprisonment, although he has declared four cases where the court has taken cognizance.

Here are the details of his affidavit:


Cash in hand:

Self: Rs 6,49,161

Usha DKS: Rs 1,72,282.22

Aisshwarya DKS: Rs 3,80,721

Gross Total value of Movable Assets

Self: Rs 70,94,84,974.32

Usha DKS: Rs 25,04,38,086.99

Abharana: Rs 9,25,000

Aakash: Rs 6,15,000

Aisshwarya: Rs 5,17,27,037.65

Immovable Assets

Self: 5,48,85,20,592

Usha DKS: 86,95,86,331

Abharana and Aakash no immovable property

Aisshwarya: 1,02,88,70,025

Purchase price of self-acquired immovable property:

Self: 65,21,02,392

Usha: 28,83,88,497

Aisshwarya: 77,15,15,470

Development/Construction cost of immovable property after purchase

Self: 1,69,89,415

Usha: 2,63,38,745


Self: 5,48,85,20,592

Usha: 86,95,86,331

Aisshwarya: 1,02,88,70,025

Of this,

Self-acquired assets:

Self: 5,41,73,22,216

Usha: 57,07,99,881

Aisshwarya: 77,59,31,315

Inherited assets:

Self: 7,11,98,376

Usha: 29,87,86,450

Aisshwarya: 24,29,38,710

Bank accounts

Shivakumar has declared 6 bank accounts, two of which are SB accounts, three are current accounts and one is an account opened for the purpose of 2018 Assembly elections. The total amount in these accounts is worth Rs 3.13 crore.


He has investments worth Rs 3.45 crore. He also has two life insurance policies amounting to Rs 11.25 lakh.


Shivakumar has given loans worth Rs 62.47 crore. Out of this, he has given Rs 11.33 crore to his daughter Aisshwarya. He has also loaned Rs 51.58 lakh to DKS Charitable Trust. He has also loaned Rs 2.6 lakh to his sister DK Manjula.


Shivakumar owns one Toyota Qualis worth Rs 8.35 lakh.


Gold: Rs 18.7 lakh

Silver: Rs 2.87 lakh

Ornaments: Rs 1.26 crore

Rolex watch: Rs 9 lakh

Total jewellery and valuables: 1,56,84,014

Household goods: 6.84 lakh

He also declared 22 agricultural lands worth market value of 8.78 crore, and 20 non-agricultural lands worth Rs 481 crore. He owns one commercial building in Ramanagara district worth Rs 1.06 crore, and 55 Residential buildings including apartments with a total market value of Rs 56.84 crore. He also owns 2 flats worth Rs 1.16 crore.

Liabilities grand total

Self: 1,01,77,87,200.75

Usha: 44,56,88,979

Nothing for Aakash and abharana

Aisshwarya: 81,92,26,428

While he says he has no govt dues, he has also declared govt dues under dispute as Rs 5.8 crore.

Wife Usha DK Shivakumar

5 SB accounts: Rs 1.06 crore

Investments: Rs 2.4 crore

Life Insurance: Rs 8 lakh

She has give loans worth 20.98 crore of this she has loaned her husband Rs 2.6 crore and her brother-in-law DK Suresh Rs 11.3 crore.

She owns jewellery worth Rs 9.48 lakh. She also own furniture and solar power generator system worth Rs 39.26 lakh.

Usha owns 4 non-agricultural lands worth Rs 4.94 crore, 28 Commercial buildings worth Rs 36.2 crore, and 4 residential buildings including apartments worth Rs 45.27 crore. She also owns one flat worth Rs 54 lakh.


Loans taken from individuals other than banks worth 38.92 crore. Of this, 2.7 crore came from her daughter Aisshwarya.

Daughter Aisshwarya

2 SB accounts: Rs 1.23 crore

Given loans worth Rs 3.8 crore

1 Agri land: Rs 27.5 lakh

2 non-agri land: Rs 25.3 crore

Owns 1 residential building worth Rs 1.2 crore

She has also paid an advance towards purchase of built-up area in Soul Space Spirit Mall in Bellandur worth 76.1 crore

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