In over 6 minutes, the video gives an idea as to how the steel flyover would connect various roads.

Karnataka govt posts 3D animation video of steel flyover gets trolled on FacebookImage: Screenshot from video
news Steel Flyover Sunday, October 23, 2016 - 20:34

The Karnataka Government on Saturday released a 3D animation video of the proposed Steel Flyover project in Bengaluru.

The video made by the Bengaluru Development Authority, which would be heading the project was posted on Facebook.

In over 6 minutes, the video gives an idea as to how the steel flyover would connect various roads.

The flyover, which been opposed by many citizen groups and environmentalists, is being planned between Chalukya Circle to Hebbal to decongest Bellary Road and North Bengaluru areas. The flyover’s exorbitant cost and environmental impact has come under huge criticism.

According to the current estimate, the flyover would cost over Rs 1,791 crores. Different campaigns, including signature campaigns, human chains and online petitions have been opposing the steel flyover that would require over 800 trees to be cut.

The post by the Karnataka government was slammed by many Facebook users.

One person wrote: Bangalore can be made look like Singapore, only in animated videos. In reality Bangalore is already destroyed and what is now done is the final rites.

Another person pointed out, “Not worth the money and the destruction at all. Just for 30-40min saving, Govt are cutting down trees and making our life span 13-14 years shorter and our next generation prone to more than 30-40 diseases.”

Yet another frustrated Bengalurean said, “Sir, finish whatever metro connectivity is pending, tar all roads, cover all pot holes, clean up entire city, provide proper sign boards, make rules for traffic discipline, implement and encourage more taxi benefits, give subsidiary rates from govt to support these.... After all this then you can do your steel bridge flyover.”

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