Ibrahim's brother CM Khader has filed a police complaint.

Karnataka Cong leader CM Ibrahim accused by family of forcibly aborting daughters foetus
news Crime Wednesday, January 04, 2017 - 12:29

Deputy Chairman of the Karnataka Planning Board and former Union Minister CM Ibrahim on Tuesday was accused of forcibly having his daughter’s foetus aborted.

His brother CM Khader filed a complaint with the Cubbon Park police in Bengaluru, alleging that his daughter-in-law (who is Ibrahim’s daughter) was fed with juice laced with some medicine to facilitate a miscarriage.

22-year old Iffa got married to Khader's son Faizal in August last year and was four-and-a-half months pregnant. In a four-page complaint, Khader goes on to accuse Ibrahim and his family of having deliberately aborted the foetus, as they did not approve of Iffa’s marriage to his son. 

According to Khader’s complaint, his daughter-in-law Iffa Afsa had called his son CM Faizal on Monday afternoon, and told him that her elder siblings Faiz and Shabina had forcibly administered a sour-smelling Mausambi juice to her against her wishes, which brought on stomach pain and bleeding.

Khader goes on to allege that on 22 December last year, when Faizal went to Ibrahim's house, Faizal was tied and beaten up with a hockey stick, tortured and warned against returning to meet Iffa. He has also named two gynaecologists for forcibly terminating Iffa's pregnancy without her husband’s consent.  

A press statement released by Vikram hospital on Tuesday stated that a young female who was 15 weeks pregnant was brought to the hospital on 02 January by her family with “profuse vaginal bleeding.”

She was diagnosed with “incomplete abortion of unknown cause and underwent emergency evacuation procedure”.

Faizal who was not informed of his wife’s hospitalization reportedly barged into the hospital on Tuesday night. The hospital authorities have filed an FIR against Faizal for creating a ruckus on the premises. 

Hospital sources maintain that rules do not make it mandatory to obtain the husband’s consent before operating on the wife. They went ahead with the procedure, as it was consented to by the patient, her mother and her sister.

Ibrahim was not available for comment, despite repeated efforts by TNM to contact him.