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The News Minute | January 19, 2015 | 12.29 pm IST Retired Supreme Court judge Justice Markandey Katju’s latest post on gender / sexuality is definitely better than his last comment on the subject. His blog post on why young men should marry, is positively cute, considering his last rant on the purpose of sex and using that to oppose the rights of homosexuals. In December, he said that humans had a powerful instinct to ensure the continuation of the species. Quoting from George Bernard Shaw, Katju said: “This Life Force creates a powerful urge in humans to reproduce, and the main role in this is that of the woman. It is she who has to conceive the child, keep the child in her womb for nine months, give birth to the child, then rear the child for several years.” Lekin, chodo kal ki baate, kal ki baat purani… Let’s write a new story for the new year. So in the new story, a retired Supreme Court judge is just having some post-retirement fun, designed to give at least some of us a few laughs.  It’s like a modern-day story of marriages with past nostalgia: Love, hot tea in the morning, ghar ka khaana, and of course, sex described rather slyly as “You get love ( and all that it entails )”. Remember the old films in which the hero and heroine are in a park and they lean towards each other, only for the director to cut to the red rose? Or some other flower.  But of course, one has to be practical. Nostalgia apart, have you looked at the prices of vegetables these days? Life is bound to be difficult. So make sure that after the psych-evaluation conducted by the neighbours proves that the woman will not throw things at you for being an MCP, you find someone who is well-qualified to support the children you will do nothing to help out with ‘for several years”.  One wonders whether Mr. Katju could secretly be campaigning for the matrimonial site which is only meant for IIT/IIM-type hi-funda educated guys?  Read: Here’s how the “better educated” can go shopping for husbands and wives: IIT IIM shaadi.com Let’s not forget that Mr. Katju is well aware of the difficulties of modern married life. It’s not going to be love and what it “entails”, hot cups of tea and ghar ka khaana and all that jazz all the time, right. Just so the poor sods who get married have a back-up plan when their wives are angry with them, he has just the right advice for them. A formula sure to work. These are the pearls of wisdom from a Sanskrit shloka: “the way to handle your lady is to become mum when she enraged ( Chandi charh jai ), and wait till she is cool again. Thereafter you will find her very sweet and full of affection for you” Hmm…  Sounds like something written on the back of ready-to-eat food packs: “When the tomatoes are cooked along with the masala, add water, after which you will notice that the mixture no longer sticks to the bottom. You can now add the vegetables and serve your loved ones. Remember, the real flavor of the food comes when it is served with love.” Keep on writing Mr. Katju. It’s been fun. It’s probably too late to change your perspective, but here’s someone who can give you some food for thought. It’s a post on the blog Prarabdha. From someone in the legal fraternity.  Tweet
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