JD(S) workers protested in Dharwad demanding Meti’s resignation as the MLA of Bagalkot constituency.

JDS demands Metis resignation from MLA post over sex tape allegations
news Politics Thursday, December 15, 2016 - 15:35

Following minister HY Meti’s resignation over the sex tape allegations, opposition party JD(S) has demanded that he resign from his post as MLA as well.

According to television reports, JD(S) workers protested in Dharwad demanding Meti’s resignation as the MLA of Bagalkot constituency.

Coming down heavily on the issue, JD(S) state president HD Kumaraswamy said that Chief Minister Siddharamaiah should also resign on moral grounds.  

Senior Congress leader B Janardhana Poojary too, criticized Siddharamaiah over the issue and said that the latter was "not bothered about the government's reputation".

On Wednesday, BJP activists staged a protest against Meti, a four-time MLA, two-time Minister, and one-time MP in Bagalkot, his home constituency. The activists burnt his effigy and shouted slogans against the Congress government, the Hindu reported.

JD(S) President, and Former Chief Minister, HD Kumaraswamy told media persons that the CM Siddaramaiah had known about the issue and had refused to act. “He could have saved the government’s honour,” Kumaraswamy had said on Wednesday.

Also, RTI activist Rajshekar Mulali, demanded CM Siddaramaiah’s resignation for backing Meti before the tape was released. Mulali also demanded that more security be provided to him and his family, the Hindu report said.

In another development, Vijayalakshmi, who is allegedly the woman in the tape, was admitted to the government hospital on December 13. She is said to have left the same night and her whereabouts remain unknown and her mobile phone is switched off, media reports suggested.

On December 12, Vijayalakshmi had appeared on TV channels stating that she was indeed the woman in the tape.