‘It was brilliant’: Rani Mukerji applauds Jeo Baby for ‘The Great Indian Kitchen’

‘The Great Indian Kitchen’, starring Nimisha Sajayan and Suraj Venjaramoodu in the lead roles, recently started streaming on Amazon Prime Video.
A still from 'The Great Indian Kitchen' on the left and a photo of actor Rani Mukerji on the right.
A still from 'The Great Indian Kitchen' on the left and a photo of actor Rani Mukerji on the right.
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Jeo Baby’s Malayalam film The Great Indian Kitchen has won acclaim and praise from fans, critics and actors alike. Popular Bollywood actor Rani Mukerji, who is known for selecting unique roles, is the most recent celebrity to appreciate Jeo Baby for his film.

Director Jeo Baby took to social media on Thursday to share a screenshot of a WhatsApp message sent to him by Malayalam actor Prithviraj Sukumaran. Prithviraj stated in the message that Rani had watched the movie and wanted him to convey her appreciation to Jeo. “Hi Geo. This is Prithviraj. Rani Mukherjee saw your film and wanted me to convey to you what she thought is the Great Indian Kitchen (sic)... PS: I am yet to see the film, but congrats on the great success,” Prithviraj’s message to Jeo said.

Following this, Prithviraj forwarded Rani’s text wherein she states that the movie was brilliant.  “...there’s a film called The great Indian kitchen.. I saw it ... and thought it was brilliant!!! Pls can you tell the director that I lovedd the film and it’s one of the greatest Indian films made in recent times.. (sic),” Rani’s text read.

Rani also adds in the end that she thought of sending the message to Jeo through Prithviraj since his name popped up. It is to be noted that Prithviraj is not part of The Great Indian Kitchen’s cast. Rani and Prithviraj had teamed up for the Sachin Kundalkar directorial Aiyyaa.

The Great Indian Kitchen stars Nimisha Sajayan and Suraj Venjaramoodu in the lead roles. The plot tracks the struggles of a newly-wed woman who struggles with the archaic practices and expectations of a submissive wife in her new home. The film discusses the inherent misogynistic and patriarchal values that are pervasive in Indian households. With well-written characters and an intriguing narrative, the movie has moved a lot of viewers to introspect and draw parallels between the themes the movie touches upon and their personal experiences. The movie released on Neestream, a Malayalam OTT platform, on January 15. It recently started streaming on OTT platform Amazon Prime Video.

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