‘It’s CPI (M), not CPM (Kerala)’: Yechury hits back at criticism from within party

CPI (M) general secretary in his speech emphasized on the need to adopt a tactical approach which would reflect the overall political scenario.
‘It’s CPI (M), not CPM (Kerala)’: Yechury hits back at criticism from within party
‘It’s CPI (M), not CPM (Kerala)’: Yechury hits back at criticism from within party
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CPI (M) General Secretary Sitaram Yechury on Saturday told his party delegates in Kerala and state leaders to read the party programme carefully to understand the political tactical line of the party, adding that the party is CPI (M), not CPM (Kerala).

Yechury was giving a strong message against criticism leveled against him by DYFI leaders, who said that he was taking a pro-Congress stand.

Yechury, while discussing the draft political resolution, had called for equidistance from the Congress and the BJP and also hinted at the importance of CPI (M) to work as a grand alliance of secular forces to defeat the communal divide perpetrated as an attempt to convert India into a Hindu Rashtra.

But Yechury’s words had angered DYFI national president P.A. Muhammad Riyaz and state president A.N. Shamsheer, who alleged that Yechury was advocating an alliance with the Congress. 

Reacting to the allegations raised against him, Yechury clarified that he did not mention or even hint at an alliance with the Congress, and that the discussion was not around his actual words. "The discussions didn't happen on what I said," he told the delegates.

Meanwhile Yechury also mentioned that the party has to adopt a tactical approach considering the existing political scenario in our country.  

“The need of the hour was to adopt an intelligent, tactical approach and not to pick out differences between the statements of leaders.  The criticism cannot be based on searching the statements in Google. These things are laid down in the party programme,” said Yechury.

“The political situation in a particular state cannot determine the political tactical line for the entire country. The Congress may be party's direct enemy in Kerala but it is not the case in rest of the country. Political tactical line is adopted on the basis of the general situation prevailing in the country,” he added.

Yechury also hinted at the growing RSS-BJP power across the state and said that the trend possesses a huge threat to the constitutional bodies in the country.  

“When the RSS attempts to create a Hindu Rashtra, it has to be defeated. That is the need of the hour,” said Yechury.

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