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Anisha Sheth| The News Minute | May 29, 2014 | 2 pm IST From initial reports that a senior police officer in Bangalore had “escaped scot free” after taking photographs of two women in a coffee shop, the story has taken a different turn, with the officer in question demanding his own arrest for the truth to come out. . When the story first broke, it was said that senior IPS officer P Ravindranath, who was ADGP of the Karnataka State Reserve Police, had taken pictures of a woman on his mobile phone and that the public had handed him over to the police. What first seemed to be an incident of a sleazy officer clicking pictures of women, has now become a full blown controversy about turf war between senior police officers But developments since then, have raised questions about the incident. For one, Ravindranath has demanded of both the Bangalore Police Commissioner and the Director-General of Police that he be arrested, and has spoken to journalists also, making this demand. He has said several times that unless due procedure is followed, his name cannot be cleared. In an interview to Kannada news channel Suvarna, Ravindranath said: “Right now only the authorities are taking decisions. Authorities take decisions based on their interests. If this is brought to the attention of the court, the court is neutral, the judges will take the right decisions.” Second, hundreds of police personnel from the KSRP blocked key roads of Bangalore in protest of the FIR against their ranking officer Ravindranath. The protest went on for several hours starting around 6pm on Wednesday evening and well into the night. They attacked a bus and set tyres ablaze. In an interview to Suvarna, Ravindranath claims that when he was in the coffee shop on Cunningham Road when a man came and took his phone and wallet, and that had not taken photos of the two women. Ravindranath says: “I was sitting on down (on the lower floor) in front of a wall and all I can see is that wall. There was a man working next to me and the phone was on the table. The man (who took his phone) was sitting upstairs and he told those women that I was taking photos of them and he instigated them, he took my phone and purse and called the sub-inspector and according to the order of that man, the sub-inspector put me in lock-up.” In the same interview, he has demanded that he be arrested so that the truth could be made public. Ravindranath has also alleged that he was being framed because he had an uneasy relationship with the Bangalore Commissioner Raghavendra Auradkar. He has also resigned, saying that the case must follow due process, without which, his name could not be cleared. “First arrest me, and then forward my resignation. If they forward my resignation, then I will no longer be an IPS (officer). Then the complainant and witnesses will have faith in the government that I am no longer IPS and that I will be investigated as a common person. Second, if they arrest me, the court will be involved… My versions can be known to the public through the court. That my testimony should go to court is very important,” he said. While only a proper investigation will reveal the truth, there is the issue of the police taking law and order into their own hands by blocking roads for hours, attacking a bus and burning tyres. How will the state's police deal with their own when they break the law?
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