Infosys techie’s family alleges foul play, tells TNM her real killer is still at large

The family strongly believes that more than one person was involved in the murder, and the other person was being shielded.
Infosys techie’s family alleges foul play, tells TNM her real killer is still at large
Infosys techie’s family alleges foul play, tells TNM her real killer is still at large
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Rasila Raju’s family and relatives were looking forward to celebrating a special occasion with the young software engineer, since she was set to return to Kerala for the housewarming ceremony of a relative. Instead, her family had to travel to Pune on Monday, their hearts overwhelmed with grief, to collect the body of the murdered Infosys engineer.

But it’s not just grief that the young techie’s family is experiencing; there’s also anger and suspicion. They believe that there has been foul play in the case, and alleged that the company was covering up certain things in the case.

Rasila Raju was found murdered at the Infosys office on Sunday evening. According to the police, she was killed by a security guard in a fit of rage after she had accused him of staring at her and threatened to complain against him. The police had said on Monday that the security guard, arrested while he was trying to flee from Mumbai to Assam, had confessed to his crime.

Speaking to The News Minute from the Pune Airport just before they returned to Kozhikode, Rasila Raju’s maternal uncle Suresh said, “Her friends told us that she had complained about the guard staring at her. When was this complaint made? Why did the company not act?”

He said that the family strongly believes that there was more than one person behind the murder, and that someone who had access to all the rooms in the Infosys office was behind it.

“Her body was inside the conference hall. How did she reach there? No guard will have access to these places. There is someone else involved and that person is being shielded,” he alleged.

He added that there were two primary reasons for the family to believe that the investigation and the company’s version of the events were suspect. The first was that she was working alone in the office on the day she was murdered.

“There are more than 30 workstations in her room. Every other person says that they were not working that day. So why was she asked to come to office?” he asked.

Also, according to Suresh, Rasila had been transferred to Bengaluru, and was set to join in the first week of February. However, he alleged, she had been having problems with another person at the Pune office.

“She had problems with one of her seniors. She had told her dad that the senior was not giving her the relieving orders, in spite of the transfer. Her dad, who got frustrated, had even asked her to resign and come back. Who was this person? Why is he not being investigated? Why is the company not giving his details?” asked Suresh.

As Rasila Raju’s family readied themselves to return to Kozhikode for the funeral, Suresh said that they would pursue the issue to the end. “We are taking our child’s body home. We will cremate her, finish all formalities, but we will keep fighting for justice.” 

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