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The News Minute | September 7, 2014 | 01:29 pm IST

Forget Shaktiman or even G One. The Indian Superman and his lady Spiderwoman are a class apart. 

This music video is from the 1988 Hindi movie 'Dariya Dil' starring Govinda and Kimi Katkar. 

And in the song 'Tu mera Superman', a slimmer Govinda is the Superman of course, but Kimi, although wearing a Spiderwoman costume, is referred to as just a 'lady'.  Tune in for the awesome lyrics. 

Superman 8

In the video, the superhero couple are seen flying. Spiderwoman also flies, because the makers seem to have given her extra powers; or maybe they sort of forgot that she was 'spider' and not superwoman. But what is striking is how they fly- vertically and horizontally, sticking to a normalcy defying 90 or 180 degree angle always. (Imagine a rocket launch!)

Superman 3

Superman 10

The couple's passion for dance is simply unmissable- they dance on the clouds, on the grounds, while flying and while fighting goons. They also join a group of mere mortals and shake a leg with them. Because, why remain anonymous. We wonder whether Tony Stark aka Iron Man got inspired by our heroes. 

Superman 9

Superman 6

Superman 1

Superman 2

The choreographer of the video also made sure that the couple and their steps resembled where Superman hails from- totally from out of the world. 

Superman 7

Before you even think of dismissing the video, here is a trivia. The video has got some odd 9,878,013 views on YouTube. 

Happy Sunday.

Watch the full video here:

( All images source: Too Mera Superman (Dariya Dil) )

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