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The News Minute| September 10, 2014| 11.00 am IST Have you ever watched an Indian movie with subtitles and gone ‘WTH is that subtitle all about’ in your head. A tumblr user Paagal Subtitle has put together some of the most irrelevant subtitles to ever hit Indian movie screens (from the looks of it) It’s worth watching . "As soon as you reach Benaras you will chirp.” - (Alaap, 1977)  From the look on Amitabh Bachchan's face , we think so too - he's becoming a bird. Chirp Chirp.  "And I threw him out of the house. Now I will forgive me.” - (Tum Haseen Main Jawan, 1970) Looks like the man on his deathbed got confused and forgave himself instead of his son. It should have been the effect of all those self-books, says Paagal Subtitle. "Who won the music world?""Bittles. Bittles. Bittles. Bittles.” A good quiz happening there.  "I had chosen a live man." (Prem Kahani, 1975) Our first zombie/vampire movie; far ahead of those Twilight ones.  "What makes you rump so much." - (Jay Jayanti, 1971) Yeah we were ahead in times in terms of slang - rumping it up. "Listen, baby. Or whatever your name is.” - (Disco Dancer, 1982)  This one from the 80s' is clearly ahead of its times. What's my name ? Oh baby. Subtitles and the South Indian industry have never been known to be friends. Here's why:  "My wife is a beautiful power grid…And only I’ve the authorisation code…” - (Padikathavan, 2009)  We know women are objectified. But this is quite a new level - a power grid? Maybe its the South Indian solution to the power shortage problem.  "Look. You are my wood-bee.” -(Pokkiri Raja, 2010) Taking things literally would have made this film more interesting.  "Won’t your fever subside if I flow on you” - (Madhurey, 2004) This new form of medicine that Vijay advocates.  So, one thing we learnt is that this is the look we get when we "plant my hair in my moustacheon your bosom.” "If ever lightning walks with a moustache…” - (Padikathavan, 2009) Her version of the perfect man, we think.  "You never listen. - He likes finger everything.” - (God Tussi Great Ho, 2008) What was that Salman Khan said on Karan Johar's show again? "The delivery guy was able to finger him” - (The Bridge) Usually words are lost in translation. Here, we really don't know what happened. The Bran Castle has been killed and unvampired. Apparently, the Rumanian Government knows how to do that - (Dracula 2012, 2013) "Oh common you male shoverness" -  (Kunwari Bahu, 1984) A 1984 movie tackling male "shoverness" . Go for it, girl.  "Has the cat delivered kittens in your mouth?”-  (Ohm Shanthi Oshaana, 2014)   What in God's name? "That holy hole will be breached at last.” - (Queen, 2014)  We always save the best for the last, if you know what we mean. Take it.
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