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Image source: Narendra Modi/Facebook   Google has become synonymous with search, however often times the results are not only unrelated to what one is looking for, but can also be downright wacky.   A quick search on “Top ten Indian criminals” throws up scores of images – most of them wanted terrorists, such as Dawood Ibrahim, and several unknown faces. However, some of the images that do turn up may not have anything to do with the keywords or the content of the story.   The images that pop up on Google search are also connected to a link, like a story or blog, which may have the word “criminal” in it.   Here is a list of five Indians whose appearance on the image search results may be surprising, even bizarre.   Read: When doctored images of Michelle Obama popped up on Google on searching the First Lady's name       Screenshot   Narendra Modi- The Prime Minister’s photographs not only appears thrice in the front row, but can also be found several times in the results. The first  photograph however is from The Telegraph report on a racist statement made by Dina Nath Batra, and has got nothing to do with the PM directly.   Shannon and Seema- The Indian-American couple whose wedding pictures went viral in 2013 also appear in the front row.   Sonakshi Sinha- The actress’ photograph turns up in connection with a story about “Fashion Criminals”.   Arvind Kejriwal- The Delhi Chief Minister’s photograph had appeared in a column he had written for The Indian Express.   Hrithik Roshan- That he has stolen many a hearts with his swoon-inducing looks and dance moves may be criminal but that does not actually make him one. Roshan’s photograph appears in a report titled “Who are India's Most Searched, 'Risky' Celebrities in 2014?”   ( Please note that this list is based on observation and The News Minute is not alleging that any of the people mentioned are actual criminals. )    Also read: Google apologises for Modi's image results         Also Read: Some of those innocent nursery rhymes we know may not be so innocent after all      
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