'I'm a one man army': Evicted 'Bigg Boss' contestant Gayathri counters Oviya's army

Gayathri seems to believe that she was deliberately made a villain to make Oviya a hero for TRPs.
'I'm a one man army': Evicted 'Bigg Boss' contestant Gayathri counters Oviya's army
'I'm a one man army': Evicted 'Bigg Boss' contestant Gayathri counters Oviya's army
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Choreographer Gayathri Raguramm was evicted from the Bigg Boss house on Sunday.

The contestant was the least popular person on the Bigg Boss Tamil show as far as viewers were concerned, although she enjoyed the support of her housemates.

On Twitter, Gayathri posted that she was a 'one man army' — a counter to fans of the viewers' favourite contestant Oviya, who had named themselves 'Oviya army'.

She also retweeted a post from the Twitter handle 'I support Gayathri', which has been trying to defend her behaviour on the show.

The post says, "There is nothing spl in light when there is no darkness. Without villain there is no hero." It goes on to say that without Gayathri, there wouldn't have been an Oviya and that the "media hosting BB was and is hungry and greedy to overpower other media competition by showing their success."

The post also adds that the media had destroyed the reputation of other contestants in order to boost Oviya. "It's not just their reputation but they broke every single person in their family. Media has to entertain people instead they brought hate and lots of tears."

Contestant Namitha, who was eliminated much earlier had also alleged that the show was edited to give the impression that only one person was good while the others were not.

Gayathri was widely criticised for using abusive language against others in the house, especially Oviya. She was also seen as an arrogant person who expected others to follow her instructions.

Gayathri's social media pages were filled with abuse during her stint at the Bigg Boss house, from both men and women. The choreographer would have got a taste of what awaited her when she listened to the questions people had for her when she was evicted. Several members from the audience openly expressed their dislike for her.

However, Gayathri walked out from the show after shaking hands with people from the audience.

Not just Gayathri, but contestants Julie and Shakti, who were recently evicted, have also been targeted with hate comments by viewers. Oviya had, in fact, put out a video asking people not to abuse anyone in her name and that the contestants had not committed any crime. "Nobody is perfect," she had said.

However, Bigg Boss Tamil has generated pretty strong emotions among people and they don't seem to be in a mood to listen.

Gayathri appears to be following the show keenly even after eviction, and showed disgruntlement with how she was portrayed in the aired episodes. She tweeted, "Who likes Oviya's originality shouldn't use oviya for winning" — a reference to contestants in the house who are competing to take Oviya's place in the hearts of viewers.

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