There was big talk of reviving the lake to its former glory, and even promises of 'beautification' works.

Illegal dumping Pictures show how Hyderabads Ibrahim lake is being slowly killed
news Environment Thursday, July 06, 2017 - 16:54

It was exactly one month ago, that over 500 people participated in a '5K Run' in Hyderabad, to revive the Ibrahim Cheruvu (Lake).

Organised by the Neknampur Lakes Restoration and Development Cooperative Society, MP Konda Vishweshwar Reddy, along with a few celebrities, also participated in the event. 

There was big talk of reviving the lake to its former glory, and even promises of 'beautification' works.

Speaking at the occasion, Sunil Chakravarthi, the president of the Society, said, “This is just the start of Ibrahim Lake revival. We will collaborate with government targetting for lake clean-up and beautification, and develop a walking track around the lake. This event also encourages people to demonstrate social responsibility in every little way they can.”

However, a month later, the local administration has been unable to even prevent illegal dumping work, as activists saw a vehicle full of mud and stones at the lake on Wednesday.

Madhulika Choudhary, an activist from NGO Dhruvansh, said that she observed the truck and decided to follow it. 

"We followed the truck and found out that it was the fourth round of dumping for the day. It was done near a temple, and we suspect that the debris was being brought from Neknampur village," she said. 

In one of the photos sent by the activist, she also alleged that someone had dumped the body of a dead buffalo, near the lake.

What is even more shocking, is that all these violations were taking place in broad daylight.

The Ibrahim lake was once used as a source of drinking water in the area, but is now a stagnating cesspool, due to dumping.

Last month, the lake also got a gate to prevent precisely such activity. However, the gate remains wide open throughout, according to activists, with no one to keep watch if anyone enters or exits the premises of the water body.

Speaking to DC, village sarpanch Ushesh Kumar said, “These trucks are unidentified and keep coming in at night to dump waste into the lake."