ICICI Lombard partners with Practo to launch health insurance app

The app ‘IL TakeCare’ will work in sync with Practo’s Trinity technology.
ICICI Lombard partners with Practo to launch health insurance app
ICICI Lombard partners with Practo to launch health insurance app
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With technology pervading practically every walk of life, it is but natural that the health insurance sector also caught up with it to make life easier for their customers. ICICI Lombard General Insurance is trying to do just that with the launch of an app “IL TakeCare” and this app will work in sync with Practo’s Trinity technology, according to an Inc42 report.

Practo already has a successful healthtech model where it brings the doctors, patients and other services in the healthcare space on to one platform so that the overall medical treatment ecosystem countrywide is improved to the benefit of all stakeholders.

The Trinity technology, developed by Practo, helps patients get a paperless and cashless experience for everyday healthcare needs, including doctor visits, medicine purchase, online consultations as well as diagnostic tests. Practo calls it a ‘connected healthcare platform’.

Now, by integrating its IL TakeCare app with Trinity, ICICI Lombard aims to provide its policyholders complete end-to-end solutions starting with booking appointments and digitally transferring doctors’ prescriptions to the insurer.

This will then extend to the diagnostic tests being recommended by the doctor and the bills and expenses also factored in without the patient or the insured having to take pains to colleting and submitting to complete the claims. ICICI Lombard can use the same set of details to settle the doctors’ bills also online.

This integration facilitates the holders of heath insurance policies being accepted across clinics and doctors who are currently on Practo’s platform.

The real game-changer in this latest development is that public in India had, so far, no way of claiming the OPD expenses, which constitute a bulk of their routine expenses on health and include the consultation fees paid to the doctors, including specialists, cost of diagnostic tests and the medicines.

This will be made available to them through the cashless route the app allows. The new IL TakeCare app introduced by ICICI Lombard has an accredited network of diagnostics centres and the customers can make the bookings through the app and avail the facilities and even receive the results directly on their app. Lastly, for the medicines also there is the provision to buy from the designated stores at a discount. Home delivery is also being provided.

Though the app has been fully developed and is ready for use, ICICI Lombard may have to obtain the mandatory approvals from IRDA before it can pass on to the customers for use. They will employ the one-time password (OTP) for each of these services. Where the policy covers multiple members of the family, it will be suitably adopted.

It is quite possible that the other insurance companies will follow suit with similar apps for their policy holders also setting the trend. The reason for this is quite simple. Estimates put the size of the standalone outpatient care, the expenses on which are being borne by the patients themselves, is six times that of the current health insurance market.

The very model of collaboration between Practo and ICICI Lombard will definitely lead to a more positive association for the benefit of the customers.

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