I studied abroad, I never said I disrespect Western culture says Parameshwara

I respect women that is my culture Ktaka HM changes tune on Bengaluru molestation cases
news Bengaluru Molestation Thursday, January 05, 2017 - 12:36

Four days after his much-condemned comments on the molestation of multiple women on New Year’s Eve in Bengaluru, Karnataka Home Minister G Parameshwara said that his comments on the “unfortunate” incident had been misinterpreted.

Parameswara had initially implied that the blame for the molestations lay with the women victims. However, after the furore rose over his comments, Parameswara declared at a press conference on Thursday that his comments had been distorted by the media.

"I am extremely pained by the fact that my statement with respect to the alleged molestation incident has been interpreted out of context and not taken in its entirety," he said. He added that his statements had been in relation to public celebrations and not the incidents of molestation. “I said New Year celebration happens every year. I did not say molestation,” the Minister claimed.

“I have full respect for women. I have sisters, a mother, a wife,” the Minister said. He added that he had himself studied abroad, and insisted that he never said that he disrespected Western culture.

He said that he was committed to the goal of women’s safety in the state, and could not accept such incidents. “From the day I took over as the Home Minister, I have stressed on the importance of protecting women and children.”

He added that such incidents would not be tolerated as they brought the state into ill repute. “Such incidents are not good for Bengaluru and they do not bring good repute to people of Bengaluru and Karnataka.”

“The responsibility to protect women cannot be compromised and the government won't allow it. Bengaluru is a peaceful city. It is a safe place for women and children. This kind of instance cannot be allowed to change that about Bengaluru,” he said.

He said that the police had made preparations for providing security on New Year’s Eve. “There were a lot of police personnel deployed. The DCP and ACP were also there.”

The Home Minister said that there was no vacuum in police leadership and the Commissioner was in charge till Jan 1 afternoon. He also added that the DCP was there on the ground on New Year's Eve. A new City Police Commissioner had been appointed on December 31

He said that the Bengaluru police were hard at work to discover the perpetrators, and encouraged the public to help the police. “Bangalore police have been going through the footage round the clock. We will take necessary action and request anyone who has any information to come forward and speak.”

“I have instructed the Bangalore Police Commissioner to install 500 more CCTV cameras at the cost of Rs 39 crores, especially in sensitive areas,” he added.