news Saturday, April 25, 2015 - 05:30
After their heated exchange in the Council, the JD (S) leader Kumaraswamy took it a step further ahead as he questioned Energy Minister Shivakumar's past, reported Deccan Herald. “In Sathanur (Kanakapura), people know what kind of movies used to be screened in the tents owned by Shivakumar. Why would I stoop to his level?” Kumaraswamy, also a fim producer was quoted by the paper. During his tenure, Kumaraswamy claimed that Shivakumar was had illegal dealings in the granite and iron ore businesses which could have ended up him and his kin in jail.“If I had wanted, I could have sent him and his family to jail. I wouldn’t stoop to that level. I had given my officers, especially those from the Commercial Taxes department, a free hand. But the officials then – Harish Gowda and others – did not pursue the cases. You need to ask Harish Gowda why he closed the case,” said Kumara-swamy. He said it was Shivakumar who was provoking him. Recently, the energy minister was embroiled in a tussle with the JD(S) Supremo Devegowda in the Council. Reacting to that, Kumaraswamy was quoted by the paper as, “He speaks of having a muhurat for my downfall. I say God has already fixed an auspicious time for his downfall. People like him, living in glasshouses, cannot throw stones at people like me.”   
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