‘I challenge you to contest against me’: TDP MLA Chintamaneni to Pawan Kalyan

At a public meeting in Denduluru, Jana Sena president Pawan Kalyan called MLA Chintamaneni Prabhaker a “rowdy” and an “anti-constitutional element”.
‘I challenge you to contest against me’: TDP MLA Chintamaneni to Pawan Kalyan
‘I challenge you to contest against me’: TDP MLA Chintamaneni to Pawan Kalyan
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Responding to Jana Sena President  Pawan Kalyan’s “rowdy” and “anti-constitutional element” remarks, Denduluru MLA Chintamaneni Prabhaker has challenged him to contest against him in upcoming elections. Speaking at Prajaporata Yatra public meeting in Denduluru on Wednesday, Pawan alleged that there was a serious dearth of law and order in the area. He demanded that the government take action against MLA Chintamaneni, else Jana Sena cadres will step in.

Pawan alleged that Chintamaneni, despite being a responsible lawmaker and Chief Whip of the government, is being rude and is attacking people from other parties. He also said that the MLA has abused the Dalits and women, and even used derogatory language. “He has some serious charges against him and should be behind bars instead of the assembly. However, he is being backed by TDP,” Pawan had said at the public meeting.

While demanding an action against Chintamaneni by the DGP and CM, Pawan has also warned him and said, “If you use abusive language against women, be careful, we will break your legs and hands and make you sit down.”

Pawan, who is touring West Godavari on his second phase of Praja Porata Yatra, also compared Chintamaneni to Adolf Hitler and Shishupala (a character in Mahabarata).

His scathing remarks did not go down well with lawmaker Chintamaneni. Hitting back, Chintamaneni challenged Pawan to contest against him.

Speaking to reporters in Vijayawada, Chintamaneni said that since Pawan was dependent on written speeches, the latter should come for an open debate if his allegations were true.

“Since you (Pawan) compared me with to Shishupala, let us see who will be Sri Krishna. Contest against me from Denduluru and the people will give the right decision.”

Chintamaneni also said that by comparing him with Hitler, Pawan has shown political immaturity. “Hitler wanted to win the world. But, where is he and where am I. If you want, I can become your history teacher,” he said.

“I suggest Pawan Kalyan does not reduce himself by making comments against me. He is suitable to take on big-shots like Chandrababu Naidu and Narendra Modi,” said the MLA.


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