He alleged that such fake news was being spread with an intention to propagate ‘Islamophobia’.

I am not absconding says Peace school founder MM Akbar following police raids
news Religious Extremism Wednesday, January 11, 2017 - 16:13

Founder of Peace Foundation, MM Akbar denied allegations that he was absconding after the police raid in Peace school at Kozhikode over teaching communal and objectionable content in school textbooks.

Claiming that he has visa of several UAE countries, he said that he is now in Doha for some official work.

He alleged that such fake news was being spread with an intention to propagate ‘Islamophobia’.

Akbar said that he had visited Kerala to give statements to police regarding the Peace school issue.

“I came to Doha for my official work, I have not hidden anywhere. Kerala’s Muslim organisations should know about such intentional moves that target them. They should all stand together to defend this propaganda,” he said in an interview given to Media One TV.

“Here they are not just targeting MM Akbar or Zakir Naik, they are targeting the Muslim community as a whole. We should be ready to face these challenges,” he added.

He also said that he was more troubled by the fake news spread by media about police action against the school. He also denied the allegations that there was objectionable content in school textbooks.

The police had raided the office of Peace Foundation on January 5 and had seized several documents including those pertaining to the functioning of the schools and relating to the syllabus and textbooks prescribed for the students.

A case was registered against the school under Section 153-A of the IPC for promoting enmity between different groups on grounds of religion, race, place of birth, residence and language.