The new patrolling cars are equipped with laser speed guns and breath analysers.

Hyderabads Outer Ring Road to get safer speed limit reduced as cops add new patrol cars
news Road Safety Friday, May 26, 2017 - 08:17

Plagued with an increasing number of accidents, the Cyberabad police and the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA), which is in charge of the city's Outer Ring Road (ORR), announced new safety norms. 

This involves reducing the speed limit from 120 km/hr, to 80 km/hr on two lanes, and 100 km/her on two lanes on both sides of the 8-lane expressway. 

The Cyberabad police flagged off four new patrolling cars on Thursday, which were equipped with laser speed guns and breath analysers.

The police has reportedly even sent a proposal to the state government asking to set up an 'ORR police station'.

Keeping in mind the reduced speed limit, HMDA officials said that they would paint the numbers in the middle of the lane, to ensure that it is visible to drivers. 

‚ÄúDrunk driving and overspeeding have been identified as key factors for road mishaps on the ORR. A vehicle speeding at 208 kmph was once recorded by enforcement officials between Shamirpet and Keesara," HMDA commissioner Chiranjeevulu was quoted as saying.

The authorities are implementing the recommendations made by the Central Road Research Institute (CRRI), in its comprehensive safety audit report.

Reports add that the HMDA is planning to take up safety measures like road markings, median markers, median delineators, speed arrestors, metal beam crash barriers on curve stretches and optical speed bars over the next two or three months.

Earlier this year, decided to hike its toll charges by 50%, beginning from midnight on February 15.

The rate for cars increased to Rs 1.58 per km from Rs 1.05 per km, while the rate for mini-buses and other such larger commercial vehicles went up from Rs 1.69 per km to Rs 2.54 per km. 

The hike was limited to 27% for heavy buses and trucks. 

"The quality and cost of construction of ORR is much more than national highways. Commuters are only being charged for the actual distances they travel. Moreover, the Authority is planning to provide intelligent transport system and toll management system to ensure quick and safe travel," an HMDA official had said at the time.

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