Hyderabad, soon you will have Robocops made by T-Hub startup manning the roads

The first set of Robocops is expected to be out on the roads by December 31, 2017.
Hyderabad, soon you will have Robocops made by T-Hub startup manning the roads
Hyderabad, soon you will have Robocops made by T-Hub startup manning the roads

Very soon, traffic on Hyderabad roads will be manned by robots. Yes, you read that right. T-Hub Robotics startup H-Bots Robotics launched Robocops on Wednesday, which will be deployed to manage traffic in Hyderabad.

Kisshhan PSV, founder of H-Bots says that these robots can currently perform the following functions. First, people will be able to lodge complaints with the Robocop. Second, it can detect bombs and alert the nearest local police station. If an object is left unattended for more than six to seven hours, information will be sent to the police station. Lastly, information on missing objects and people can be fed into the Robot, which can then recognize and spot them. This could be a missing car, an object and even a missing person.

While they haven’t decided how many they will deploy, the first set of Robocops is expected to be out on the roads by December 31, 2017.

Kisshhan says that H-Bots has been working on humanoids for the past six months.

“We were initially looking at making robots or humanoids for hospitals. But when I saw that Dubai has Robocops and these were made in France, I thought why not make this in India,” he adds.

The price of each Robocop is expected to be around Rs 3-3.5 lakh rupees and Kisshan says that once the volume increases, they hope to reduce the cost further. Moreover, he says that compared to other countries, where humanoids cost around Rs 22-23 lakh, this is way cheaper.

It has also opened an R&D facility called Makers Leeway, sprawled across 2,600 square feet in Hyderabad.

With an investment of Rs 70 lakh, the new facility can house around 50 people.

While the R&D centre has already commenced operations, it will officially open from August 1.

The idea is for startups and students to be able to use the lab to work on their ideas without having to buy inventory or machinery. Kisshan wants to be able to foster innovation and to make dreams of students and entrepreneurs get converted into concrete ideas.

Kisshhan says that H-Bots will also be establishing skill labs and mini outpost labs in rural areas of Telangana. “By the end of 2017, we will open mini outpost labs and by 2020 we want to open 100 such labs in every district in Telangana and these mini labs will be connected to our main facility in Hyderabad,” he adds.

Additionally, it also plans on setting up 40 facilities across the country by 2020.

H-Bots has raised $1 million from Soniks Consulting and it is currently looking to raise an additional $20 million to fund its expansion plans.

Founded a few months ago, H-Bots is a robotics startup with a focus on social innovation. Kisshhan says that they conducted an extensive study by travelling across the country and identified over 8,000 problems that can be solved across areas like healthcare, agriculture and more.

Through its Robofest that it started last year, it will work with individuals, students and researchers to foster social innovation through the use of robotics.

It is also working on building more user-friendly humanoids that can be used across industries. One such humanoid is for the agricultural sector that can help sow seeds.

This article has been produced with inputs from T-Hub as a part of a partner program.

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