Hyderabad’s Bansilalpet stepwell under restoration, MG road to be beautified

The Bansilalpet stepwell is likely to undergo complete restoration and be inaugurated on August 15.
Bansilalpet stepwell: Hyderabad’s Bansilalpet stepwell under restoration, MG road to be beautified
Bansilalpet stepwell: Hyderabad’s Bansilalpet stepwell under restoration, MG road to be beautified
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A 17th century stepwell in Hyderabad’s Bansilalpet will be restored and illuminated to turn it into a tourist attraction, Telangana Minister Talasani Srinivas Yadav said on Thursday, January 27. The stepwell will be inaugurated on the occasion of Independence Day on August 15, 2022, he said, while inspecting restoration works at the stepwell. 

The Minister, accompanied by Special Chief Secretary (Urban Development) Arvind Kumar, also visited MG Road in Secunderabad, and said that various beautification works will be taken up in the surroundings of the Gandhi statue. He also said that a new Gandhi statue will also be installed close to the existing one. 

The Rainwater Project, an organisation involved in several water management related projects in the city, is involved in the restoration work of the Bansilalpet stepwell. The organisation has previously worked on restoring wells in Gachibowli, Kondapur, Kokapet, as well as Baaram Baavi in Narayanpet. According to The Rainwater Project, the Bansilal stepwell, known as Nagannakunta, had been neglected for decades, left in a dilapidated condition and filled with garbage. Restoration of the stepwell involved cleaning, dewatering and desilting the well, structural strengthening of retaining walls, rebuilding and finishing works etc. The well has an annual rainwater harvesting potential of 35 lakh litres, according to the organisation. 

Speaking to the media, Kalpana Ramesh, Founder of The Rainwater Project, said that around 2000 tonnes of garbage accumulated over the past 40 years has been removed from the well. Minister for Animal Husbandry, Fisheries and Cinematography Srinivas Yadav said that there are around 50 to 60 such wells, which are heritage structures, and that the government plans to restore more such wells in the future. 

Special Chief Secretary Arvind Kumar said that with the intention of being included in the UNESCO World Heritage Cities programme, restoration works have been carried out at the Moazzam Jahi Market, and will also be done in Monda Market and a few other locations in Old City. 

After visiting the Gandhi statue on MG Road in Secunderabad, Arvind Kumar said that the statue established in 1951 was unique as Gandhi is seen carrying a book. “Apart from conserving it, a more grand statue of Gandhi will be installed here,” he said. Minister Srinivas Yadav said that the location around the statue will be developed. 

In order to beautify the road, the Minister reportedly instructed civic officials to relocate transformers and acquire space near the existing Gandhi statue. The makeover will reportedly include improved pavements, a small library, public toilets, food courts and landscaping with seating arrangements, according to Telangana Today.

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