Humans of Hindutva calls it quits, says it’s not worth a ‘bullet in my head’

Bidding goodbye on Saturday morning, the page-owner said ‘it has exhausted me no end’.
Humans of Hindutva calls it quits, says it’s not worth a ‘bullet in my head’
Humans of Hindutva calls it quits, says it’s not worth a ‘bullet in my head’
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The Humans of Hindutva parody page, which has regaled us with political satire in the past 5 months, will not be posting any more. In his ‘final’ post on Saturday morning, the page administrator, who has remained anonymous so far, said that he was tired of fighting people and that he was exhausted by the abuse directed at him.

“It was a good run but ultimately I realised that you guys are not worth a f****** bullet in my f****** head. I'm tired of arguing with people for the last 5 months. I have worked hard over this period and have written over 80,000 words of original 'content' in this short span,” he said in his post.

Speaking to TNM earlier in August this year, he had said that he was planning to launch a satire website in the near future, and that he has also has been writing a book titled Humans of Hindutva: Volume 1.

Referring to this in his last post, he said, “It's funny how you think you can never write a book until you have an audience and then somehow you can't wait to write each day. Some of my favourite writers were as prolific...only they didn't have someone call them a "ma*****" every 5 minutes.”

He had earlier told TNM, “I don’t think I have anything on my page which is objectionable. I back everything with data to support it. Mine is just a parody page and my aim is to make some jokes and make myself laugh. If the police think they want to arrest me for it, they are welcome. But if they actually do that, it will reveal what are their priorities in a country where absolutely no crimes occur."

Asked if his family and friends are aware that he’s the admin of the HoH page, he had said, "Some people know. Many don’t. I often get messages from friends to check out the HoH page. I initially felt weird, but I now take comfort in the fact that it has grown beyond me and has become an entity of sorts. Even my parents know about it. They stand by me, but I want to remain anonymous because I don’t want them to be brought into it. When you get hundreds of death threats, you may laugh it off, but a part of you always looks over your shoulder."

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