"Removing your body hair gives you an edge in the pool. How about your love life?"

How would male athletes react if they were asked the same questions as female athletes
Flix Tuesday, November 10, 2015 - 18:15

When it comes to sports journalism, sexism appears to be much more rampant than it seems. A campaign called CoverTheAthlete is attempting to highlight the sexist coverage of female athletes. It has released a video that features real questions which female athletes have been asked interspersed with clippings of male sportspersons and what their reactions could have been.

One such question is, "Removing your body hair gives you an edge in the pool. How about your love life?"

Women sportspersons are often asked all kinds of irrelevant questions that target their physical appearance or their sex life, instead of focusing on their career in a sport. This kind of unabashed commentary would be sacrilege if posed to a man and may even sound odd


"Sexist commentary, inappropriate interview questions, and articles focused on physical appearance not only trivializes a woman’s accomplishments, but also sends a message that her value is based on her looks, not her ability. And it’s much too commonplace," the campaign says on its website.

"It’s time to demand media coverage that focuses on the athlete. Send a message to a major news network or your own local network and ask them to #CoverTheAthlete," it says.

The campaign has received a lot of support on social media as well.

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