Flix Saturday, April 25, 2015 - 05:30
The tremors of an earthquake measuring 7.5 on the Richter scale with its epicenter in Kathmandu, Nepal, have been felt in Kolkata, Lucknow, Ranchi,Kanpur and areas adjoining Delhi. There have been reports of houses damaged in Nepal and journalists from the country have been Tweeting with updates of the quake.      Terrible #earthquake in #Nepal. Just saved ourselves. Don't know how many killed. Roads are blocked already. pic.twitter.com/qsxITz0n1P — Guna Raj Luitel (@gunaraj) April 25, 2015 People are in open space due to fear. #earthquake #Nepal pic.twitter.com/9gzL9HvPeg — Guna Raj Luitel (@gunaraj) April 25, 2015 More pictures of #earthquake. #Nepal pic.twitter.com/YQjvu4Fm2D — Guna Raj Luitel (@gunaraj) April 25, 2015 After socks pic.twitter.com/yCBR8l0WWB — Guna Raj Luitel (@gunaraj) April 25, 2015 #Kathmandu Valley shrouded in dust from 7.4 mag quake. Airport closed. Lots of damage. pic.twitter.com/QF3kE65Tzf — Kunda Dixit (@kundadixit) April 25, 2015 Most new high rises in #Kathmandu ok, old buildings down. Temples reduced to rubble. — Kunda Dixit (@kundadixit) April 25, 2015 Aftershocks were major jolts almost as severe as the main quake — Kunda Dixit (@kundadixit) April 25, 2015   Users on social media in India have also been tweeting about the earthquake after tremors hit different parts of the country.    Freaky!!!! Felt the tremors of an earthquake here in Delhi.The whole room shook. My experience of a first earthquake.Hopefully the last one. — arjun rampal (@rampalarjun) April 25, 2015 Please do not panic. Please do not tweet rumors #earthquake Stay safe. Can't feel anything now #Kolkata — Derek O'Brien (@quizderek) April 25, 2015 Our 15th floor apartment in Gurgaon is swaying like a toy in the breeze for the past 2 minutes. #Earthquake — Prasanto K Roy (@prasanto) April 25, 2015 Just felt tremor in Noida..#earthquake — Mrityunjoy Kumar Jha (@Mrityunjoykjha) April 25, 2015
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