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The News Minute | March 26, 2015 | 4:50 pm IST Indian vice captain Virat Kohli let down a lot of fans when he went out to bat against Australia in the World Cup semi finals and got out after scoring just a single run. As soon as Virat got out, his girflriend Anushka Sharma, who was present at the Sydney Cricket Ground watching the match, became the target of twitterati. The entire playing field of the micro blogging site divided itself into three teams. One team that abused the actor, another that cracked jokes and the last one that defended her. @dhanyarajendran who asked her to go to scg? can't she watch on TV? kohli wasted all his energy previous night with her.his 1 run is proof — Manoj Sebastian (@IamManoj7) March 26, 2015 I know we would loose when Anushka Sharma showed up at Australia today. — LOLism (@WeLoveLOLism) March 26, 2015 Couldn't she enjoy her honeymoon after worldcup.#anushkaSharma — Ainwe hi (@gl525) March 26, 2015 Anushka is responsible for this debacle #IndvsAus — Prakarshen Shant (@WatratPoraga) March 26, 2015 Anushka thanks for coming to Australia.. Hope u have great time with virat in flight.. 😑 — Prashanth (@im_hprashanth94) March 26, 2015 Anushka, you made NH10 but Virat didn't even make 10..... — Padmanabhan Vijay (@PadmanabhanVJ) March 26, 2015 Anushka sharma why did you do this, why did you go to watch the semi final??? You have proved that you are very unlucky for virat kohli!!! — M Subramanian (@MeenakshiS9) March 26, 2015 Dear Anushka, it's always a bad idea to increase pressure on someone you love (Kohli) by being in stands that too in a crucial match. RIP. — Gayatri Reddy (@Gayatritwit) March 26, 2015 #Anushka Sharma went all the way to Sydney to see Virat Kohli hit one run. why you came to sydney idiot!#IndvsAus #CWC15 # — nida fatima514 (@nidafatima514) March 26, 2015 Why @AnushkaSharma... why? why you came down to Sydney!! #IndvsAus — Yogesh Sharma (@YoGuess) March 26, 2015  And then there was this guy... I request to public to boycott Anushka Sharma's films. He is real #DESHDROHI whoever will watch her film anymore. #AUSvIND — Kamaal R Khan-KRK (@kamaalrkhan) March 26, 2015 I request to all the people to go n throw stones at the house of Anushka Sharma who is the main reason for the defeat of India. #AUSvIND — Kamaal R Khan-KRK (@kamaalrkhan) March 26, 2015 But the NH10 actor also got her fair share of support. Cricket fans trolling #Anushka for #Kohli's poor show are calling her a "panauti". Such medieval idiots living in the 21st century! — Anna MM Vetticad (@annavetticad) March 26, 2015 Possibility of defeat in #CWC15 and sexist, distasteful 'jokes' about #Anushka and #ViratKohli start doing the rounds. Sets my teeth on edge — Sanjeev Verma (@sanjeevve) March 26, 2015 When indians blame Anushka for Kohli getting out. I'm sorry what? Ya'll are so quick to blame.. win or lose u should back him #sorrynotsorry — Zara. (@ZaraKhan_xx) March 26, 2015 Those blaming Anushka are losing it themselves — Rana Safvi رعنا राना (@iamrana) March 26, 2015 Simply hated the comments regarding Anushka and Kohli.. Morons - get a life #IndvsAus #CWC15 — Abhishek Mukherjee (@bultai12) March 26, 2015 Well - if u didn't credit anushka sharma for india's good run at WC till now, why blame her for the loss — pallavi ghosh (@pallavighcnnibn) March 26, 2015 Anybody who blames Anushka for Virat's score tonight deserves to have a pineapple shoved up their rear. — Daniel Fernandes (@absolutelydanny) March 26, 2015 To ppl dissing team #IND & making sexist remarks abt @AnushkaSharma...hope you got this memo. #IndvsAus pic.twitter.com/NzfQ1IPhQd — Raheel Khursheed (@Raheelk) March 26, 2015 Indian and Pakistani sports channels are 20% talking about the match results, 80% about Anushka Sharma. — Imaan Sheikh (@SheikhImaan) March 26, 2015 Blaming @AnushkaSharma for India's loss how irrational some people can be. What did she have to do with it! #PKforAnushka — Yasser Latif Hamdani (@theRealYLH) March 26, 2015 Well - if u didn't credit anushka sharma for india's good run at WC till now, why blame her for the loss — pallavi ghosh (@pallavighcnnibn) March 26, 2015 Accha of course this is Anushka Sharma's fault. Classy. — Rohan (@mojorojo) March 26, 2015 Tweet Follow @thenewsminute
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