Salaries paid to male dominated jobs are higher than women dominated jobs

How much India pays for its domestic helps Men get paid far more than women
news Wednesday, May 04, 2016 - 17:12

Be it big corporations or small time jobs, women have always been discriminated against when it comes to wages. But until now there has been no data on how much employers pay their male and female employees., an online job portal for blue-collared jobs in India, has conducted a survey , the results of which were published in The Washington Post, that shows how much Indians pay their domestic helps.  

The survey has city specific data on the average Indian pay for blue collared jobs like that of cooks, drivers, maids, nannies and watchmen.

In the south Indian cities of Bengaluru and Chennai too the data shows that the salaries paid to male dominated jobs like drivers and watchmen are higher than women dominated jobs like maids and nannies. The trend is similar in rest of the cities in the country as well.

The data shows that both the cities pay the highest salary to drivers while the least to maids. Drivers in Bangaluru get paid an average of Rs. 12,500, while drivers in Chennai get paid an average of Rs. 12,000. Maids on the other hand earn a sum of Rs. 6,000 on average in both the cities.

The data also reveals that while cooks are costlier to hire in Chennai than in Bengaluru with an average salary of Rs. 8,500. You can read about the entire survey here.

Image Courtesy: By Simon Williams via Wikimedia Commons

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