Trends such #ModiAtWembley and the in-your-face #KeepModiGiveKohinoor have been taking twitter by storm.

How KeepModiGiveKohinoor trended on Twitter went down and came back with a bang
Flix Social Buzz Saturday, November 14, 2015 - 13:29

Narendra Modi’s UK visit has reached its final day, and it has received overwhelming support as well as protests.

Trends such #ModiAtWembley and the in-your-face #KeepModiGiveKohinoor have been taking Twitter by storm. It is the latter, however, that directly mocks the Prime Minister, and has become a certain ‘label’ to attack Modi – whether it’s to do with his UK visit or not. Also, some have opposed it. Users continue to use the trend for attacking Modi online.

The trend itself mocks Modi by asking the Queen to give back the Koh-i-Noor, a 105-carat diamond originally mined in India and under Indian rulers for centuries, that the British had taken during their colonial rule. The Crown Jewels, the crown worn by the British Queen, is embellished with the diamond.

 According to Aljazeera’s The Stream, the trend was started by Congress Jammu & Kashmir Spokesperson Salman Nizami. Some of his earliest tweets popularising the trend as follows:





Immediately, the trend caught on with over 1000 tweets within minutes. Here are some of the better ones








The trend soon became a kind of weapon against Modi. People began attacking him left, right and centre, irrespective of the context:







Later, the trend seemed to have gone off the radar, possibly after a backlash at a leader holding a constitutional post being targeted during a state visit. Not many were happy with that.




But the trend bounced back, with far more tweets this time. Salman Nizami was quick to highlight this.




But not everyone agreed with him.




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