How a drug peddler in Bengaluru dug his own grave by declaring his income

Rachappa, who worked as a construction labourer earlier, declared his annual income at Rs 40 lakh.
How a drug peddler in Bengaluru dug his own grave by declaring his income
How a drug peddler in Bengaluru dug his own grave by declaring his income
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It’s no secret that paying tax is something many people don’t particularly like. In India in fact, only 1.7% Indians paid income tax in 2015-16! Such good citizens, right?

It would appear that a Bengaluru-based construction worker, Rachappa, was also trying to be a good taxpaying citizen. He declared his income for 2017-18 at the I-T department too. But unfortunately for him, the move backfired pretty badly. As it turns out, much of Rachappa’s income is allegedly drug money.

The Koramangala police arrested Rachappa (34) and his accomplice Srinivas (47) on January 20, as they were trying to make a drug sale at a hotel on 80 feet road in Koramangala.

The case

After Rachappa declared his income, the I-T department informed the police. He had declared his annual income as Rs 40 lakh, without disclosing the source.

Police sources confirmed to TNM that they had been keeping an eye on Rachappa since earlier this month.

They learnt that he was a drug peddler selling ganja after speaking to people. But they had to wait to arrest him in order to catch him in the act.

Investigation revealed that Rachappa had been working as a construction labourer in Bengaluru before he took up drug peddling in 2013. He apparently lived in a villa on Kanakapura Road paying Rs 40,000 rent per month and also owned a luxury car. He also had property in his name in his village.

He had also reportedly registered himself as a class I contractor with a few government agencies on his lawyer's advice.

The arrest

On January 20, the police rushed to a hotel on 80 feet road in Kormangala when they learnt that Rachappa and his accomplices were going to make a drug sale.

The police arrived there and while they were able to arrest Rachappa and Srinivas, another accomplice, Sashu, escaped. He is still absconding.

Police also seized 26 kilograms of ganja and Rs 5 lakh from Rachappa on that day.

Sources in the police told TNM that Rachappa was allegedly selling ganja worth thousands every month. According to a report, he would sell quality ganja at up to Rs 35,000 a kilo and would sell at least 30 kilos of it monthly.

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