Hostel students can't find drinking water as UoH faces shortage again

Many RO units in the hostel are reportedly dysfunctional.
Hostel students can't find drinking water as UoH faces shortage again
Hostel students can't find drinking water as UoH faces shortage again
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Water troubles are back to haunt the students at University of Hyderabad (UoH) as the varsity is suffering a severe water shortage.

The Times of India reported:

Angered by the difficulties they have been facing, students on Wednesday carried out a protest march from the UoH shopping complex to the administrative building demanding that the varsity authorities solve the water crisis on campus. Students claimed that F, G, I, L and LS 7 and 8 hostels have been facing severe water issues.

“The entire city is getting sufficient water supply to survive. But in the university, students have to beg and plead for every drop of water. The university has dug borewells and bought water tankers, but the condition of students remains the same. We have given a 10-day deadline to the administration to resolve the issue," Sanjay Jonnalagadda, a student leader told TOI.

The report also adds that many RO units in the hostel are dysfunctional.

In March this year, students alleged that authorities had cut off their water and internet connections, to dissuade them from protesting against the administration.

However, the university said, "The university never cut off water nor electricity on the campus. Some miscreants damaged the pump on the campus and (it) has been since restored. It may also be noted that there is a general water shortage to the campus for the last two months."

Last year,  1,500 students and staff had to order water tanks and buy water at high rates from outside the campus after the Manjeera reservoir, the major source of drinking water for Hyderabad, dried up.

Two borewells were dug, one near the research scholars' hostel and another near the ladies hostel.

Last year, the university issued a revised calendar which announced that the Winter Semester will conclude in April, a month before it ends every year.

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