High drama at MAA event: Rajasekhar resigns, Chiranjeevi miffed with him

The members had gathered for the launch of the 2020 diary of the Movie Artists Association.
High drama at MAA event: Rajasekhar resigns, Chiranjeevi miffed with him
High drama at MAA event: Rajasekhar resigns, Chiranjeevi miffed with him
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Actor Rajasekhar on Thursday resigned from the post of Executive Vice-President of the Movie Artists Association (MAA) over a tiff with actor Naresh, who is the president of MAA. On Thursday, Movie Artists’ Association organised an event to launch its 2020 diary and to highlight some of its achievements.

While the proceedings were underway, Rajasekhar made a dramatic entry on to the stage. He took the mic and started criticising Naresh. Actors Chiranjeevi, Mohan Babu and others, who were presiding over the event, looked visibly surprised even as Rajasekhar was taking their blessings. While Jayasudha, Mohan Babu and other actors requested him to get off the stage, Rajasekhar refused to budge and continued with his speech.

Rajasekhar started talking about how Naresh has been running the association unilaterally. He even spoke about how he has not been doing any films since he joined MAA. He also claimed that he has been facing problems at home as he spends a lot of time working for the Association, and even had to allegedly sell his luxury car.

The rift between Rajsekhar and Naresh has been going on for a while after Rajasekhar and his wife Jeevitha, who is the general secretary of MAA, accused Naresh of not doing any paperwork since he was elected to the office in March. The spat took an ugly turn after both Naresh and Rajsekhar released videos of themselves explaining their stand and some of the members even demanding to dissolve the present association and hold fresh elections.

At the event on Thursday, Rajasekhar claimed while he has been working really hard for the welfare of the association, Naresh has not been doing anything for MAA.

Once Rajasekhar left the stage, an obviously miffed Chiranjeevi — who is also the founder President of MAA — asked everyone to keep their personal issues to themselves and talk only about things that matter at the meeting. He also said that the association should take strong action against such unprofessional behaviour by Rajasekhar.

However, soon after the meeting concluded, Rajasekhar tendered his resignation from the post of Executive Vice-president of the association. In his letter, he wrote that he tried his best to stay in the association despite Naresh running MAA against the interests of the majority of the members.

“Our grievances towards the president have been clearly discussed and explained to the seniors in the industry through a meeting. Despite so much effort, I sincerely feel nothing has changed and so I had to vent my emotions at the event. I would like to tell you this is how I am. I am a very sensitive, emotional and straight forward person, whether you like it or not,” Rajasekhar wrote in his resignation letter.

Later, in a series of tweets, Rajasekhar clarified that Thursday’s events shouldn’t be considered as a feud between Chiranjeevi, Mohan Babu and himself.

“I have high respect for both of them and their concern and work towards MAA. Do not project this in any other way… Whatever happened today is only between Naresh, MAA and me. Things aren't right here and I cannot stand aside quietly and watch. There is no misunderstanding or fight between Chiranjeevi Garu, Mohan Babu Garu and me. I apologise for any inconvenience caused to our guests!” he wrote.





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