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The News Minute | December 27, 2014 | 12:03 pm IST The year 2014 has been good for some , bad for others. However, for the typical Indian Internet user, the year has been a whirlwind experience in terms of entertainment as famous personalities got trolled publicly on social media. From actors to the top politicians, from number one ranking sportsmen to the best journalists in the country, Indian internet users spared no one – not even the golden-eyed grandson of politics, Rahul Gandhi . While most of them took the trolling quite sportingly, others even benefited a lot from the bad publicity.  After all they say, bad publicity is still publicity. 1. Alia Bhatt  She became the butt of all jokes after her extraordinarily bad performance on a General Knowledge quiz on Karan Johar’s famous TV show. The result, saw the internet explode with her at the receiving end of innumerable jokes and memes.  Alia Trolls .. :P :P Bwahahaahaa#Results2014#DeepikaPadukone #AliaBhattTrolls pic.twitter.com/o3f4G2uApj — Sharmila (@Sharmila_Jey) May 17, 2014 Ek se bhadkar ek! #joke #aliabhatttrolls #funny #saverahul #CongShakeUp #pappu pic.twitter.com/h19CE1aTix — Rishabh Dugar (@rish4bh) May 19, 2014 The actor, however, was very well appreciated for her spunk when she silenced all her trolls with her video 'Genius of the Year' with All India Bakchod where she mimics going to a brain school in order to learn some GK. Read What's the real story behind AIB's Alia Bhatt "Genius of the Year" video 2. Arvind Kejriwal  The man who initially began using social media actively for politics found himself trending on twitter , courtesy his trademark muffler. Even though it was initially started as an unofficial campaign to improve the leader’s ratings in view of the approaching Delhi elections, the hashtage #Mufflerman was soon picked up by all, a news that even made its way to international media. Comparing the ‘Mufflerman’ to a vigilante coming back to rule Delhi, many posters were downright hilarious. Don't believe us? Have a look at some really creative posters featuring the 49 day term Delhi Chief Minister. Coolest "political" poster, EVER! "@BooozeLee: This one is epic! #MufflerMan Returns,Can't wait for the trailer. pic.twitter.com/6m5S9oaqn1" — VISHAL DADLANI (@VishalDadlani) November 20, 2014 Corrupts Wondered: Where is the strength of this #MufflerMan?? Answer wide open: In support of ppl, Its their vote.. pic.twitter.com/RIh4uPO31N — Jayant Kumar (@OnlineExpertLiv) November 21, 2014 Kejriwal reserves special attention as he makes the troll list twice. This time however, #KejriwalTaughtMe picked up quite a lot of attention. What has he taught them? Communism, dramatics and hope for a better system were some that made the list. 3) Rahul Gandhi For a man who shied away from interviews, Rahul Gandhi’s first big interview before the Lok Sabha elections became a major embarrassment for the party. As Gandhi touched on his most favourite topics which ranged from ‘women empowerment’ to RTI, some of the most repeated words in the interview, TV watchers did not spare the young politician. 4. Arnab Goswami One of the most popular(both hated and liked) journalists on social media, Arnab Goswami who usually handles the gun by its handles in most interviews became the target of all criticism when a debate with BJP leader Subramanian Swamy turned sour. The highlight was a Soundcloud remix making fun of the whole incident titled "interrupception" borrowing from Hans Zimmer's "Inception" sound track 5. Rajdeep Sardesai All this journalist wanted was his book ‘2014: The Election that changed India’ to do well. However, to generate public interest when anything and everything he spoke about began with ‘Read my book ’, Sardesai became Internet’s next troll target. Quite active on Twitter, he would respond to queries regarding various topics with the same statement - read my book . It remains to be seen if all that publicity effort had any impact on the sale of his book.  5) Maria Sharapova  Indians are very sensitive about two things – their heroes and their food. So when top-ranking tennis sensation Maria Sharapova unwittingly said the unthinkable – that she didn’t know who Sachin Tendulkar was, all hell broke loose.  The tennis star may have meant no harm , but cricket fans immediately went beserk over the statement and took to large scale trolling on her Facebook page. It was no harmless troll for this sportstar, however. Over one lakh comments spammed her Facebook page, with many pages sporting anti-Sharapova names springing up.  6. Director Lingusamy                                                                                                                                                                             All this man did was speak his heart out in a Tamil interview before his movie Anjaan starring Suriya's release. The movie had a lot of expectations from fans, and as it aired after it's dismal performance at the box office, they did not spare the director for his statements in the interview.  In the interview, two statements he said caught the attention of viewers. He said that he had tuned himself for the movie's script (naan appidiye tune aayirukein) and he also said that he had applied everything that he had learnt in the film industry to that film (KathuKita Motha Vithayum Erakirkein). Using these two comments, innumerable memes on the director spread like wildfire on social media.  Even though some fans apologised later over the trolling, some of these pages still remain quite active.  Picture courtesy: Facebook Tweet
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