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The News Minute | March 15, 2015 | 10.44 am IST Poking fun at something is one way to provoke discussion on something and even offers food for thought. The beef ban was obviously fodder for those who have an opinion on it.  Enna Da Rascalas, a YouTube channel has given it its best shot, and come up with a song called "Beep it. Ban it," Indianising Michael Jackson’s "Beat It" into a south-Indian flavoured joke on those who support a ban on beef in Maharashtra. Opening with the strains of an electric guitar, the song then shifts into a sitar-and-tabla-like sound that criticizes the ban, with the tune of MJ’s Beat It.  Just one criticism of a line in the video: “We better run, we better hide our women / cause safety of the cow takes more precedent”. One thinks the reference to “our women” could have been a non-patriarchal one.  Presenting without further ado, Beep It, Ban It, from the Enna Da Rascalas stable:  Earlier, they poked fun at the north Indian idea of all south Indians being “Madrasi”, and lucidly explains that there are four (Telangana had not been created at the time) south Indian states and their cultural distinctions.   Tweet  Follow @thenewsminute