HDFC termed it a “technical glitch” and said experts were working on it on top priority.

HDFC Banks mobile app net banking down for second day in a row
Money Banking Tuesday, December 03, 2019 - 13:27

HDFC’s net banking was down for the second day in a row on Tuesday, leading to many irate customers. The bank’s mobile application, as well as online net banking facility, is down. 

On Monday, many questioned the unavailability of the bank’s services on the first working day of the month, when many transactions have to be made, including paying rent and salaries. 

Users were locked out of their accounts throughout the day on Monday. On Monday night, the bank said, “Due to a technical glitch, some of our customers have been having trouble logging into our NetBanking and MobileBanking App. Our experts are working on it on top priority, and we’re confident we’ll be able to restore services shortly. While we deeply regret the inconvenience caused, there’s no cause for undue concern.”

However, when people attempted to log into the mobile app on Tuesday, they were greeted with the same error message as on Monday — that the company is experiencing heavy traffic. While trying to log in to netbanking, customers were greeted by another error message — “Netbanking system is busy processing heavy load from currently logged in customers, request to try after sometime.”

Bank sources told the Times of India that the bank’s efforts to push for more online transactions has also led to an increase in load. 

“@RBI are there any penalties laid on banks if their critical services are down for so long? It’s been hours since the customers are facing issues without any ET for resolution. The banks are quick levy late payment and various charges on the customers,” one customer wrote on Twitter. 

“Tomorrow I have an EMI coming and I have to transfer funds....can I explain it to me how will I do it. Pathetic every month starting is ur drama!” another said.

HDFC has over 50 million customers, and is the largest private sector bank in the country. 

The current outage is similar to the one the bank had nearly a year ago, when it moved to a new app. Customers attempting to transact over the app struggled for nearly a week. 

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