The video outlines some things a troll would "have to get really good at, really fast,"

Hate those trolls Then you will love this Vir Dass brilliant takedown videoA screenshot from the video
Features Monday, September 21, 2015 - 17:46

Is your face an egg, your mouth a gutter and do you desperately crave attention? Then congratulations, you're an internet troll according to comedian Vir Das.

Joining a long list of people who have spoken out against trolls on the internet, the actor-comedian's latest video titled "Trolling 101 - How to troll" is a hilarious and sarcastic take on the issue.

"A video dedicated to Internet Trolls of all shapes and sizes. Thank you for your daily abuse, your hollow threats, and your infinite eloquence," he wrote in the description of the video.

Outlining some of the areas a troll would "have to get really good at, really fast," Vir Das also talks about some possible targets for trolling while explaining the necessity of a "troll purpose."

Besides being a comedian and actor, Vir also owns a production house named "Weirdass Comedy" and is a band member of "Alien Chutney".

Watch the video here.



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