'Harassed by male superiors': Kerala women cops write to excise commissioner

The State Human Rights Commission has directed the Excise Commissioner to order a probe into the issue.
 'Harassed by male superiors': Kerala women cops write to excise commissioner
'Harassed by male superiors': Kerala women cops write to excise commissioner
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A group of Women Civil Police Officers (WCPOs) of the Excise Department in Kerala have complained to the Excise Commissioner, Rishi Raj Singh, about the sexual harassment they were facing from their male colleagues.

Stressing that the letter be read fully and with due sincerity, the women wrote, “We are being subjected to various kinds of harassment.”  

Describe the kinds of harassment the women officers faced, the letter said, “There are only 1 or 2 WCEOs in the range officers, which don’t even have a good female toilet or resting rooms for women. Further, we have been summoned unnecessarily in the nights by male higher ups, using work or raid as an excuse. Even if we work in the night, we won’t be let to go home,".

The letter also claimed that officers flouted the rules and openly drank in the stations during work hours.

Regarding use of resources exclusive to WCEOs, they said, “The 100 scooters that were allotted for the WCEOs are mostly being used by male officers. However, in the record it states that women are using it.”

Requesting the Excise Commissioner to look into the matter, the letter concluded with a plea to ensure them justice.

The letter was leaked by a section of the media a few days ago, following which the State Human Rights Commission ordered a probe into the issue. 

When the issue was raised by the opposition in the assembly on Thursday, Excise Minister TP Ramakrishnan, said “Without examining whether the complaint was true or false, it is not possible to come to a conclusion on the charges.”

Though the WCPOs’ letter mentioned that copies of it would be sent to the Chief Minister and Women’s Commission as well, the CM said that he hasn’t received such a letter. 

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