Haldiram's employee stands her ground as journo heckles her over 'Urdu' text on product

In the video, the journalist from Sudarshan TV can be seen heckling the employee even as police personnel were watching.
Journalist argues with Haldiram employee
Journalist argues with Haldiram employee
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A video of a confrontation between a journalist and a Haldiram’s employee over ‘Urdu’ text on one of the packages of the company is going viral on social media. In the video, the journalist from Sudarshan TV can be seen heckling the employee repeatedly to explain what the ‘Urdu’ text on the packaging means. In response, the employee can be seen trying to remain calm and telling her colleagues that there was no need to explain anything to the journalist. The journalist is heard repeatedly asking the employee what is written on the packet in ‘Urdu’, while in reality, the writing was in Arabic.  

The snack in question is called ‘Falahari Mixture’ and is reportedly one of the most popular fasting mixtures of the brand. In the video, the text on the front of the packet is in English, while at the back, it is in Arabic. The packaging also displays the green vegetarian symbol. A crowd of people and the police can also be seen in the video witnessing the incident. 

In the video, the reporter aggressively seems to suggest that Haldiram’s was concealing something, simply because the packet’s description was also printed in Arabic.  The employee is seen standing her ground and saying, “Haldiram’s is not going to entertain these kind of tantrums,” adding that the packet in question is not a health hazard. She is also seen politely telling the journalist to leave. 

At one point, the reporter insinuates if ‘animal oil’ or ‘beef oil’ is used in making the product. To this, the employee points out that Indians from three communities frequent the shop, those who are familiar with English, Hindi and Urdu. She points out that the same description is simply written in three languages. 

Many on Twitter have called out the reporter for asking the kind of questions she did and hailed the employee for standing her ground. 

Some Twitter users also pointed out that the ingredients listed on the back of the packet were in Arabic and not ‘Urdu’ because most of the Haldiram’s packs get exported to Gulf countries. Some even used Google translate on the text, which simply listed the ingredients used and said that the product was made in India.  

This comes amid a recent controversy over halal with many right-wing groups in Karnataka demanding a ban on halal products in the state. Several sangh-affiliated organisations and others have launched a concerted campaign to boycott the purchase of meat from Muslim traders in the state. Groups including the Hindu Jagruthi Samithi, Sri Rama Sene, Bajrang Dal and others have called for the removal of halal certification from the signboards of shops selling meat and have advised Hindus to buy meat which is cut as per their traditional method called ‘Jhatka'.

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