The significant aspect of this device is that it does not contain a single Chinese component in it and is completely made in India,

Gurugram-based company makes worlds first hack-proof blockchain phone
Atom Tech Shorts Wednesday, October 04, 2017 - 10:46

If you were feeling that your phone is being tapped or that someone is listening into your private conversations, then a crypto-communicator could be your best bet. And India takes the lead in making the world’s first crypto-communicator, BitVault.

Though the device looks very much like a smartphone and functions like one, the Indian company, VVDN Technologies, would want the device to be named a crypto-communicator only. VVDN is building this device in India in collaboration with an Irish company, Embedded Downloads, as per a report in Gadgets Now

The unique features of the phone include a combination of biometric identification and near-field communication technology (NFC) to gain access to the device. Even more interesting is that the user has to create fresh private and public keys each time the phone is unlocked and these keys are not stored either.

The iris and fingerprints are used to create the keys. In reality, this is the strongest point with the crypto-communicator; all encryption keys during any activity are generated instantly and destroyed as soon as the activity is completed and there are multi-level encryption being done within any such activity, like a voice call or a message transmission.

There are 100 engineers working on this unique project and the product is ready for commercial use. VVDN Technologies is focusing on segments like fintech and defense to sell the crypto-communicators. The company confirms that the device is very much compatible with the service providers in India and elsewhere and can be used to make normal voice calls, send messages and conclude financial transactions all smartphones are capable of.

The significant aspect of this device is also that it does not contain a single Chinese component in it, in line with Make in India.

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