Group releases alarming conversation between web predator and minor

Group releases alarming conversation between web predator and minor
Group releases alarming conversation between web predator and minor
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The News Minute | January 7, 2014 | 06:00 pm IST 

A group of Gloucestershire men, who run the Paedophiles Unmasked Facebook page, recently released the transcript of a real conversation between an online predator and someone he thinks is a minor girl, states a report by Mirror UK. The conversation, is among many other such similar conversations, that have reportedly been handed over to the police.

The group creates fake profiles, pretending to be under-aged teenage girls, all the while making their age very clear, in order to track existing and potential online offenders and paedophiles. If a predator persists, knowing they are 'grooming' a child, the conversation can be forwarded to a detective for investigation, states the report.  

The alarming conversation that the group made public involved 'one male online groomer, claiming to be a man called Daniel, in his mid-20s, from Australia'. 

Mirror published the entire conversation. Following is an excerpt:

DANIEL Daniel here. Pleased to meet you too Katie.

DECOY Thank you.

DANIEL You are cute btw.

DECOY Well I wouldn't go that far but thanks.

DANIEL Well I'm transfixed by your profile pics eyes.

DECOY They're my mums eyes LOL.

DANIEL I can't stop looking at it.

DECOY She has the same eyes.

DANIEL Is she as pretty as you though.

DECOY Yes of course she's a beautiful woman.

DANIEL Random question for you though, what is your bra size?

DECOY That was a bit random.

DANIEL I did say it was a random question. Not going to answer it....?

DECOY Do you always ask random questions Daniel. I'm a B cup.

DANIEL Oh that's a nice handful. He he.

DECOY Cheeky.

DANIEL Have any boys been lucky enough to see them or even get to play with them?

DECOY Well if I'm honest most boys at my school are idiots. So no, none of them.

The group has three operational decoys at anytime and only use pictures of overage girls, which they often change to stop paedophile rings from warning each other. One of the group members who is known as John 'claims he has conducted more than 150 conversations and 15 face-to-face meetings with paedophiles in the past six months alone', states the report. 'We haven't got the manpower to meet with all the people we contact. If we did we could guarantee at least two people a night", John asserted. 

Stating that it was a full time job now, John said, "Our main aim is to protect children and keep these people away from them." He also added that the group gives predators the chance to walk away once ages are revealed.

The group's Facebook page has been pulled down at present. 

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