Government shows leniency to Christian managements says Muslim League
news Tuesday, September 22, 2015 - 09:31
Managements of different Muslim educational institutions in Kerala have alleged that government is more lenient towards Christian institutions, and does not treat Muslim and Christian organizations at par.
The Muslim Educational Society (MES) has that in the rules regarding the seat allotment in self-financed colleges, government has agreed the demands of Christian institutions but never favoured Muslim management interests.
MES and Muslim League lashed out at government in the meeting conducted by Minority Commission on Monday to discuss the complaints against Muslim Medical college Managements’ regarding the seat allotment irregularities.
“All management educational institutions should have equal privileges, but here the situation is different,” Muslim League State Secretary KPA Majeed told Media One.
Meanwhile minority commission has informed that complaints by Muslim managements will be considered soon.
MES leaders also alleged that government is biased in this matter and it is high time for the authority to take up a secular approach in Self- financed Colleges’ seat allotment.