The new bug allows hackers to access WhatsApp chats of users, putting their privacy at risk.

Googles Project Zero team finds iPhone bug that could tamper with messaging apps
Atom Tech Shorts Wednesday, September 04, 2019 - 10:21
Written by  S. Mahadevan

Google has unearthed a vulnerability in Apple’s iOS which can lead to WhatsApp users on that platform getting hacked. Google’s Project Zero team that carries on research on cyber security and possible threats existing on the internet has found that if iOS users visited some compromised sites, then their WhatsApp messaging could be compromised. The culprit has been detected to be a keychain implant that can bypass the encryption process. Besides WhatsApp, other messaging platforms like Telegram can also be vulnerable if iOS users make the mistake of visiting any of these dangerous sites.

WhatsApp has had brush with the authorities in the past with the stand that all messages on its platform are encrypted end-to-end and there is no way in can intercept them. Law enforcement had asked WhatsApp to share some critical messages while investigating serious crimes. Now, according to this Google finding, the hacker can decrypt the WhatsApp messages on the iOS devices and share them in text form that can be read by anybody.

The company has reacted by saying that there is no issue with its own messaging platform and that the users must follow the basic instructions on installing security updates.

Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG) is said to have unearthed five different vulnerabilities. It is understood that Apple had been informed of the findings by the team at Google and the appropriate security patch for the iOS users has since reached the device users. To that extent, the users stand protected.

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