Google Pixel 3 users claim overheating issues while charging

In some instances, users have also complained that their phones are getting excessively hot during charging, resulting in a total device shut down.
Google Pixel 3 users claim overheating issues while charging
Google Pixel 3 users claim overheating issues while charging
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Is there a serious heating issue with Google’s Pixel 3 phone? The phone acting out while charging was reported earlier, but then the issue faded away. However, now a new set of complaints have started hitting different online forums with some Google Pixel 3 owners posting videos on YouTube even. The complaints are of different types.

The reported issue is that the phone gets overheated and, in some cases, shuts down automatically while it is on charge. The users say the overheating happens whether it is on wireless charging using Google’s pixel Stand or through a charging cord. The nature of complaints vary. Some say there is heating up but not to that extent. Others claim they suspect of there is any video streaming on during charging, the issue is even more serious. Even video calls being made during charging can be the trigger. Some of the sites to have received the complaints include Reddit, Google’s Product Forums and Twitter.

These reports indicate that the Google Pixel 3 has a feature by which when the phone gets heated up, it sends a notification to the user and if no action is taken, the phone switches itself off as a protective measure. The only saving grace in the entire episode is that it is difficult to determine how widespread this overheating issue is since the numbers of complaints received are not so highly significant. Google may wait till that kind of a situation is reached before it moves in and offers direct solutions. It is also possible that Google may be checking at its end of it is a hardware issue or caused due to some app or software.

Google may decide to offer replacements to get out of the situation now, at least until it develops into a more serious problem.

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