Breaking the rules will not only invite fines but also imprisonment in some cases.

Going for a ride on Kochi metro Here are the dos donts and the fines Kochi Metro
news Kochi Metro Thursday, June 15, 2017 - 16:54

With Prime Minister Narendra Modi as its first passenger on Saturday, the spanking new Kochi Metro is set to open for public use on Monday, June 19. But, be warned, authorities have a long list of dos and don’ts for commuters.

Breaking these rules can not only invite fines but also jail sentences for six months to four years.

Topping the list of offences is drunkeneness or intoxication, which will invite a fine of Rs 500. Acts of vandalism or any act of indecency, use of abusive or obscene language, and quarrelling in the train will be fined at Rs 500. 

Eating and drinking in metro premises is also prohibited and, if caught, you will be fined Rs 500.  Passengers are not allowed to sit on the floor of the train or interfere with the comfort of any other passenger. These offences can also invite a fine of Rs 500. 

The metro authorities also prohibit demonstrations of any kind in the metro premises and inside the train. Pasting or putting up any posters, writing or drawing anything in the train or in the metro premises can invite a fine of Rs 1,000. These offences can also lead to imprisonment of up to six months. 

If one is asked to leave the premises by the metro personnel, and one refuses, then a fine of Rs 1,000 can be charged. 

Anyone caught obstructing the running of a train by any means including picketing, interfering with train signalling system or in any other way, will be fined Rs 2,000. Misusing the emergency stop plunger, the emergency trip switch and so on to stop a running train will also be fined at Rs 2,000. 

Taking dangerous material into the Metro premises or train, will invite imprisonment for up to 4 years and a penalty of up to Rs 5,000.

Besides these offences, the metro authorities’ list of dos and don’ts includes etiquette rules for commuters including offering seats to senior citizens and persons with disabilities, standing in queues to board, using headphones for music, and so on. 

The first stretch of the Kochi Metro that is being inaugurated this weekend will see trains running for 13km on the 25km line.