Girl beats cerebral palsy, goes on to study medicine

Girl beats cerebral palsy, goes on to study medicine
Girl beats cerebral palsy, goes on to study medicine
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Anil Sharma(IANS) | The News Minute | September 23, 2014 | 10:35 am IST

A Jodhpur based girl diagnosed with from cerebral palsy has proven that the key to all things is determination. Not only has Siddhi Mathur beaten the affliction, but she is now studying medicine.

Today, she stands physically fit and independent with a slight limp. Seeing her now, it is difficult to imagine the condition she was in prior to 2009, when she first underwent major surgery.

Cerebral palsy is a permanent, non-progressive movement disorder that causes physical disability, mainly in the areas of body movement. Children suffering from it experience muscle growth not coordinating with bone growth.

Siddhi's development was delayed after birth in 1996 and at the age of eight months, her parents discovered her ailment when she was unable to sit. She could not walk independently till the age of two. As she grew, her knees started to bend, which made her walk on toes.

"I was admitted to the prep class in Delhi Public School, Jodhpur, in 2001 after I was denied admission by other schools of the city. These schools were unable to cater to the special needs of my disability," Siddhi told IANS.

Siddhi used to reach school by walking on her toes with knees bent. Climbing stairs to attend classes was not an easy task, but with her parents help and motivation she never gave up.

Her mother, incidentally gave up her teaching job soon after she was born to look after her full-time. Her father is a government engineer.

From the age of six, Siddhi underwent minor surgeries and her legs were in plaster for 45 days a year, which meant she could not attend school during this period.

Even during her school days, she had to undergo daily physiotherapy for four hours but she never gave up on her studies.

The major surgeries began in 2009 when she was 13 and the results are now there for all to see.

"The whole phase was difficult and painful for me. During summer breaks every year, children of my age used to enjoy with their families and friends whereas I was confined to bed in hospital after surgery with plaster on my legs," Siddhi said.

With an exemplary academic record, Siddhi successfully completed her schooling from Delhi Public School in 2014 in the science stream. Siddhi went for focused self-study and never took tuitions because she was determined to excel only through that route.

Today, Sidddhi stands tall amidst the top students of Delhi Public School, Jodhpur, cleaering the Rajasthan Pre-Medical Test (RPMT 2014) and being admitted to the renowned state-government-run S.N. Medical College, Jodhpur.

Siddhi is a living example of motivation to those students who are physically and mentally challenged and also to those children who are blessed with a healthy body. A child who was not able to sit at all is now studying medicine and preparing to servce the society.


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