The phone was neither charging nor was it being used when it exploded.

Galaxy Note 7 repeat Delhi-based woman claims HTC Desire 10 Pro exploded and injured herImage for representational purpose only
Atom Tech Shorts Monday, July 03, 2017 - 18:56
Written by  S. Mahadevan

A Facebook post by Delhi-based Nidhi Kapoor has created ripples following her claims that her HTC Desire 10 Pro device exploded and she has suffered burn injuries on her hand as a result of it. She has posted a snap of her wrist in bandage and added in her post that an infection in her eye also resulted from the explosion.

The factor to be noted too is that the phone was not being charged nor was it being used, when the explosion occurred.  

Smartphone users and industry observers still vividly remember the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 disaster and airlines around the world still do not permit the Galaxy Note 7 to be carried on board. There was another recent case reported of an explosion of a Vivo brand smartphone as well.

Curiously, in this case, the customer who suffered the burn injury claims that her complaints to HTC were not responded to, to her satisfaction and she decided to post the issue on her Facebook page. She has said they only asked her to provide the deviceā€™s details like the IMEI number and her email ID.

Picture posted by Nidhi Kapoor on Facebook

Once the matter became public, some of the sites reporting the incident wanted the company to respond to the complaint.

HTC has since stated that it is in the process of investigating the complaint. It has also clarified in its message that the device is actually the HTC Desire 10 Pro and not HTC Desire 10 as claimed by Nidhi Kapoor in her FB post.

The company has further informed that the explosion did not take place in India, though the owner is a Delhi resident. The explosion is said to have actually occurred on June 21.

HTC has also indicated that the company values the safety of the devices it manufactures and is seriously investigating this incident. One has to wait to know how exactly the case is handled and what further revelations can possibly come out.

There is no doubt that electronic devices, especially the ones used in close proximity to the body, are susceptible to accidents of this nature.

In particular the use of Li-Ion batteries requires that the devices be handled with care and all safety instructions are fully understood and followed to the letter by every customer. Only then the chance of any harm to oneself can be avoided.