news Sunday, July 19, 2015 - 05:30
  Are the current protests by the FTII students demanding the removal of the institute's chairman, Gajendra Chauhan, due to the “ideologue he subscribes” to?   The RSS mouthpiece, Organiser, definitely thinks so.    Commenting on the protests which have entered its second month,  the article stated that Chauhan was being targeted for the "ideology he subscribes".   reported PTI. The article went on to say that Chauhan needed a chance at proving his capabilities.  “In this country, everyone has an inalienable right under the Constitution to hold an opinion and subscribe to any ideology – right, left, centrist, Congress, an alien one and so on – as long as it does not militate against the interests of the nation," said the article. The article also went on to criticise students for taking into their hands the power to “reject the appointment of the institute’s chief by the government".   "Can and should people or students reject off hand an appointment without giving the person so selected a chance to prove his worth. If a person fails to come up to the expectations to deliver the goods, everyone has a right to demand of the government to show door to the person," the article stated.   The article comes a day after the Organiser called those opposing Chauhan's appointment as "anti-Hindu", said the report.