"I am going away to Kaasi to attain Samaadhi"

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Full text of Madhan's letter

I am writing this letter to say I am going away to attain samadhi at Kaasi.

If SRM has a name it is because of me. If I have a name, whether it is in politics, cinema or education, it is because of SRM. I will live for my Thalaivar (Pachai Muthu fondly known as Paari Vendhar), I will die for him. Whenever SRM had a problem, I stood by it. I am the reason for how SRM got its good name. I saved SRM. I did all of this because I am angry with Vendhar. All the money that goes to SRM will be more, and I take a lesser cut everytime. I have to earn the good name of his. For 8 years, I have collected the names of all these parents. Our Trichy medical college did not function for two years because we did not get permission for two years. I did so much, he does not know. But a lot of friends know. Now because NEET has come, people had already paid for 102 seats in that Trichy college. People have been waiting for admission for a year now. Because of my hardwork, students have believed in me. IJK’s first campaign – many people participated. How? Because of me. Bihar election, how did IJK stand in 14 constituencies? Because of my money.

Lingaa, Thalaivaa, all of them flopped. We were in losses. We still gave money for the IJK campaigns in the elections. We lost the deposit. But I still stood by Paari Vendhar.

Director Sankar took a movie insulting Paari Vendhar. I have always been on Vendhar’s side. Then came income tax raids where they took 6.5 crore rupees, a false case. This is because of Ravi. He was the man who has been against me. (Ravi could be a relative of Paari Vendhar) People in the SRM family are angry and jealous of me. They wonder how can Paari Vendhar treat Madhan like his own son? Ravi is jealous. But Paari Vendhar completely cut me off six months ago and he would never pick up the phone. It was switched off constantly. I had plans of running away before anyway. But SRM took the Rs.6.5 crores back for themselves. SRM has been taking all the money. All students who want their money back can go claim it from SRM.