Former Kerala DGP Sreelekha slams police for inaction, matter resolved after FB post

The complaint pertains to online delivery fraud through her purchase of bluetooth earphones from a shopping site.
Former DGP R Sreekala in police uniform
Former DGP R Sreekala in police uniform
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Former Director General of Police (DGP) R Sreelekha slammed the Kerala police in Thiruvananthapuram on Wednesday, alleging that her complaint regarding an incident of online shopping had been ignored by officials. Taking to Facebook, Sreelekha stated that there hadn't been any action though the complaint was filed 14 days ago.

According to the former DGP, she had ordered a pair of bluetooth earphones through an online shopping site named Grimsonz but had received a fake product. The product was delivered through EKART.

“Had been an IPS officer till four months back, retired in DGP rank. Still, after directly calling the Museum police station (in Thiruvananthapuram district) stating about the complaint and even after filing complaint via email, there has been no action since the past 14 days,” wrote the former DGP.

Later on Wednesday, following her criticism of the police, Sreelekha posted that the miscreant had been caught and the money had been returned to her.

On April 6, Sreelekha placed an order for the bluetooth earphones, specifying cash on delivery to ensure she would not be cheated.

“On 14 (April), one person called on my phone and said parcel will arrive now and that due to COVID-19 pandemic, he won’t come inside and money should be brought near the gate,” she wrote in the post. She noted that since she was resting after a surgery, she told her aide to bring her the parcel as soon as it arrived.

However, when she opened the parcel, it was an old set of headphones. “But by then, the guy had left with money,” she wrote. Though she immediately called the same number, introduced herself and asked for her money to be returned, she said that the man responded “sarcastically” and asked her to file a police complaint, but “pointed [out] “still I won’t get my money back,” the former DGP wrote.

Sreelekha adds that she immediately notified the Inspector of Museum police station and filed an email complaint. But for the past two weeks, there have been no updates, she said. She also alleged that there have been two previous instances in which her complaints filed in the same police station were dismissed without any action.

“Amidst this, relatives and friends are calling seeking my help to solve their issues by calling the police station. No one will believe me if I say, even if I don’t have a solution to my personal problem,” the former DGP said. 

After Sreelekha wrote about the incidents on Facebook on Wednesday, officials of Museum police station contacted her. They stated that they did not receive her email complaint and provided a new address.  

In the post, the former DGP also urged people not to fall prey to online fraud. “Only use the COD (cash on delivery) option while purchasing online and only give money after opening and checking the parcel,” she added.

Hours after the DGP's took to Facebook calling out police inaction, the miscreant behind the fraud was caught by the police. She also got her money back. On Facebook, she posted a picture of the money she received and wrote,  "Yippee! Hurrah!!! Kerala Police is, for sure, the best in the whole world! The same person from Ekart who challenged me on the phone was brought before me by the smart SI of Museum PS. He took the headset & returned my money!! Thanks Facebook! Thank you, media & friends for your support!"

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